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UNANIMOUS is centrally located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and ready to help with all your nonprofit projects! Nonprofit branding and marketing are essential for building trust and engaging supporters. Effective branding encompasses a nonprofit organization's mission, values, and the unique impact they make, creating an emotional connection with donors, volunteers, and the communities served. Marketing ensures the organization's message reaches the right audience at the right time, enhancing visibility and attracting new supporters.

A Nonprofit Branding Agency

How we help nonprofit organizations

UNANIMOUS is your best choice nonprofit branding agency in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska, dedicated to uplifting nonprofit organizations. With a commitment to innovation, empathy, and strategy, we tailor our services to highlight your unique values, distinguish your brand, and forge stronger connections with your community. Our comprehensive branding approach enhances visibility and credibility, empowering you to grow and excel in providing compassionate nonprofit services. By uniting our expertise in design, messaging, video, web, and marketing, we champion your mission, helping you make a truly meaningful community impact.

Nonprofit Verbal Identity

At UNANIMOUS, we excel in crafting clear, compassionate messaging that resonates deeply with your audience's values, building trust, and establishing your nonprofit as a beacon of change. Your verbal brand identity forms the foundation of all brand messaging and communications, both internally and externally. These verbal elements are essential parts of a holistic and complete brand. By developing a thoughtful verbal brand identity, we set you up for success by engaging your ideal supporters and creating a culture that attracts and retains passionate team members.

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Nonprofit Visual ID & Logo Design

Make a lasting impression with our nonprofit visual brand identity and logo design services. Our designs capture the essence of your nonprofit brand, blending professionalism with a heartfelt commitment to your cause. The visual brand identity component, including your logo, colors, typography, and design elements, is the visual embodiment of your brand. It's crucial that it's meaningful, deliberate, and harmonizes with the broader aspects of your visual brand identity.

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Nonprofit Web Design

The UNANIMOUS web design and development team will work together seamlessly to integrate design, user experience, functionality, and content relevant to your nonprofit cause, ensuring your web design serves the needs of your audience and volunteers effectively. Your website will be designed with your nonprofit growth in mind, highlighting essential information, offering an intuitive user experience, and making it straightforward for visitors to engage, contribute, and connect to your cause. We avoid generic templates, ensuring a unique and seamless online presence.

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Nonprofit Video Production

Bring your nonprofit's mission to life with branded video content that makes an impact! The UNANIMOUS team, specializing in nonprofit video production, focuses on your objectives to ensure your message and tone resonate with your supporters and the wider community. Our commercial video production can include filming scripted scenarios that spotlight your initiatives, capturing b-roll footage of your activities, and conducting insightful interviews with your team and the lives you've touched.

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Nonprofit Graphic Design

The UNANIMOUS design team is committed to amplifying your nonprofit's impact as we forge your brand identity, launch brand campaigns, or spearhead targeted marketing initiatives. Our talented graphic designers are versed in nonprofit design, producing materials that engage supporters, enhance brand recognition, and facilitate community involvement. From informative brochures and digital content to professional stationery, we ensure every piece is aligned with your nonprofit brand standards, communicates your message clearly, and includes a compelling call to action.

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Nonprofit Digital Marketing

Leverage social networks and search engines for unmatched online advertising opportunities for your target audience, allowing for precise targeting based on interests, behaviors, and supporter profiles. Specializing in identifying and engaging your key supporter segments, UNANIMOUS enhances your nonprofit's digital advertising strategy with expertly crafted PPC ads, optimized budgets, and comprehensive tracking to maximize the ROI on your social media and Google Ads campaigns.

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Nonprofit Research & Analysis

Knowledge is a powerful tool, particularly when unlocking the potential through nonprofit market research. We conduct in-depth market research before developing targeted marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations. This process includes understanding your organization's history and the "why" behind your mission through interviews, focus groups, surveys, competitor analysis, and more. The insights from this research are crucial for developing a strong messaging platform and strategic marketing recommendations, ensuring your mission connects effectively.

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Nonprofit Advertising & Media

With a thorough analysis of current and potential strategies and a deep understanding of your audience and community, UNANIMOUS crafts a tailored media mix to meet your nonprofit advertising and communication goals. We assist in selecting the right channels, budgeting effectively, and making strategic media purchases to maximize reach and impact. UNANIMOUS will develop the strategy, manage the process, and oversee the execution of your entire nonprofit media and advertising campaign.

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Our Nonprofit Branding Process

We understand the nonprofit sector and recognize the distinct needs of its diverse stakeholders, including volunteers, donors, board members, community members, foundations, and more. We collaborate to develop brand strategies aimed at increasing engagement, recruiting, and retaining dedicated volunteers and staff, all while boosting funding and support for nonprofit organizations and initiatives.

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UNANIMOUS Nonprofits

Why Choose UNANIMOUS for Nonprofit Branding

Situated in the heart of Lincoln, NE, our branding agency excels in crafting brand identities for nonprofit organizations. UNANIMOUS has worked closely with various nonprofits to create powerful brand alignments through strategic marketing, innovative design, user-centric websites, and meaningful video projects tailored to the specific needs of the nonprofit sector. Renowned for our cooperative methodology, we partner with nonprofit clients nationwide, offering solutions that combine deep understanding with significant influence, all focused on generating measurable outcomes for your nonprofit brand.


Informed & Experienced. 
Where insight meets purpose. Our portfolio showcases a broad spectrum of industries, including a strong emphasis on successful partnerships within the nonprofit sector. We've dedicated significant effort and made meaningful contributions in fields such as community development, education, environmental conservation, social services, and more, alongside our work in agriculture, architecture, construction, finance, government, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and beyond. We're eager to share examples of our work and provide outstanding references.


Strategic & Intentional.
At our essence, we are seekers of truth and advocates for clarity. Employing our refined process to ensure well-rounded nonprofit brands, we delve deep, ask the right questions, and excel in listening intently. We meticulously evaluate all of your verbal and visual brand components. These insights drive us to devise intelligent strategies, create impactful designs, develop intuitive websites, produce engaging videos, and achieve significant results for genuine brand alignment.


Complete & Coordinated.
Our focus is on nonprofit brand alignment. From initial research and strategy through to the development of verbal and visual identities, we create opportunities for your organization to shine. Our team delivers inventive marketing strategies and executions, creative design and illustration, user-friendly web design and development, and compelling video storytelling. Despite our agency's size, we remain nimble and efficient, providing a full spectrum of services with exceptional responsiveness.


Collaborative & Consultative.
We are a positive force driving impactful change for your nonprofit. Our expert team is approachable, attentive, and eager to become a valued extension of yours. We forge a partnership that enhances efficiency and amplifies your organization's impact. Involving you in every step of our creative process, we strive for unity and consensus on every project. Our strategy for success adapts as your goals grow and your vision evolves.


Skilled & Professional.
With over 40 years of serving clients, including numerous nonprofits, our professional team achieves measurable outcomes for projects of various sizes and scopes. Our extensive experience ensures superior quality and provides you with insightful industry knowledge and effective communication strategies. We're meticulous and advisory, keeping abreast of the latest trends and technologies to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.


Results & Returns.
We're more than just goal-setters; we're goal-achievers. We establish clear, measurable benchmarks as we formulate your goals and objectives, always with a thoughtful and purpose-driven approach towards your brand, audience, services, unique qualities, competitive edges, and their effect on your mission's success. We stay proactive, conducting regular reviews to evaluate outcomes and adjust tactics and strategies for continuous improvement and greater impact.

Nonprofit Branding Matters

Choosing UNANIMOUS as your branding partner means entrusting your nonprofit vision to a team committed to making a difference. Our unique blend of passion, expertise, and a collaborative approach sets us apart. We specialize in understanding the specific needs of the nonprofit sector, crafting strategic, purposeful branding that resonates with audiences and connects. With over 40 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and proven success in elevating nonprofit organizations. From strategic marketing and creative design to intuitive web design and engaging video storytelling—we are ready to highlight the unique value of your mission. At UNANIMOUS, we're more than a branding agency—we are your partner in driving meaningful change.