EMPOWER - SCC Capital Campaign Logo

Empower - SCC Capital Campaign

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The mission of Southeast Community College is to empower and transform the diverse learners and communities of Southeast Nebraska through accessible lifelong educational opportunities. Their latest capital campaign looks to garner support from those with similar interests. UNANIMOUS is excited to reveal the new logo for the campaign, thoughtfully designed by the creative minds at UNANIMOUS. The Empower logo is more than just a visual element–it serves as the cornerstone of a transformative initiative to foster growth, innovation, and community enrichment.

Campaign Logo Design Options

UNANIMOUS provided Southeast Community College with a variety of logo options for the capital campaign. After presenting the rationale, facilitating discussion, and providing some subtle revisions, a favorite campaign logo was selected. With its compelling design elements, the logo encapsulates the campaign's ambitious goals and captures the energy of what makes the college a beacon of educational excellence in Nebraska. Its eye-catching and fluid shapes represent student career path options while creating a capital "E," inspiring stakeholders to envision the profound impact of their contributions. This artful creation by UNANIMOUS doesn't just elevate the campaign—it sets the stage for a groundbreaking chapter in the college's history.

Capital Campaign Video Series

UNANIMOUS successfully produced a captivating video shoot for Southeast Community College, offering a dynamic and comprehensive look into the heart of the institution. Utilizing cutting-edge cinematography and thoughtful storytelling, the video project brings to life the college's mission of academic rigor, community engagement, and personal development. From bustling classroom discussions to hands-on vocational training, the video footage provides an authentic and inspiring narrative that resonates with viewers. This project reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful video content.

We very much enjoyed working with UNANIMOUS. Their team was kind, respectful, responsive, and open to collaborating. We were very pleased with the videos they created and hope to be able to work with them again in the future.

David Kamran

Southeast Community College
College Capital Campaign Case Statement

Capital Campaign Case Statement

UNANIMOUS presented a meticulously crafted case statement design for Southeast Community College's landmark capital campaign. Far more than just a document, this case statement serves as an immersive guide, inviting potential donors and stakeholders to journey through the college's aspirational vision, strategic objectives, and community impact. Utilizing visually stunning graphics, compelling narratives, and data-driven insights, the design creates an emotional connection while maintaining professionalism. The case statement embodies the college's dedication to transformative education and community engagement, making it not just a call to action but a manifesto for meaningful change. With this exceptional work, UNANIMOUS reinforces its reputation for melding creativity with impact, setting a new standard for how capital campaigns communicate their invaluable missions.

SCC Case Statement PDF

Capital Campaign Style Guide

This comprehensive capital campaign brand guide was skillfully crafted by UNANIMOUS for Southeast Community College. This brand guide serves as the strategic compass for the college's ambitious capital campaign, meticulously outlining the visual brand identity, messaging tone, and engagement strategies that will shape this pivotal initiative. Rooted in the institution's core values and mission, the guide harmonizes the campaign's multifaceted elements into a cohesive and impactful narrative. The guide sets the gold standard for conveying the campaign's ethos across various platforms and touchpoints, from logo usage to color palettes and typography. It is not just a manual—it's a testament to the campaign's strategic vision and a playbook for fostering consistent, effective communication. With this brand guide, UNANIMOUS and Southeast Community College are setting the groundwork for a campaign that is as compelling visually as it is transformational for the community it serves.

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Capital Campaign Web Design

We're thrilled to introduce the newly launched website for Southeast Community College's Capital Campaign. This isn't just a website, it's the digital gateway to a vision that promises to reshape the future of education and community development. Designed with the user journey in mind, the website combines striking visuals, intuitive navigation, and compelling calls to action, creating an immersive experience that educates, engages, and empowers. The design articulates the campaign's strategic objectives and captivates the audience with storytelling and impactful testimonials. This website is a testament to the college's ambitions and UNANIMOUS's expertise in crafting digital experiences that move hearts and minds. It's not merely a destination—it's an invitation to be part of something extraordinary.