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Strategy + Verbal Identity

An authentic connection with your audience is the key to brand strategy in a competitive marketplace. UNANIMOUS takes the time to fully understand your organization, employ market research, and generate true top-of-mind awareness. We are branding experts who analyze the competition, develop intentional strategies, motivate positive engagement, and successfully foster real brand loyalty.

Verbal Identity

Your verbal identity is the baseline for all brand communications, internally and externally. These verbal elements are crucial components of a comprehensive and complete brand strategy. Creating a thoughtful verbal identity will set you up for success by speaking to your ideal audiences and creating a culture that not only attracts but retains talent.

marketing internal communications

Internal Communications

True transformation starts from within. Internal elements of your verbal identity are the foundation of your brand. Specifically, internal communications impact your company culture, drive the direction of your organization, and cast a vision for the future. Effective communication will result in a more engaged and collaborative workforce, improved productivity, job satisfaction, and overall performance. Thoughtful internal communication sets the stage for strategic external messaging.

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marketing external messaging

External Brand Messaging

Shout it from the mountain tops! The external messaging elements of your verbal identity are critical when creating an authentically focused and truly aligned brand. External messaging is the core of “what to say and to whom.” This drives all your communications efforts, maintains clarity, promotes professionalism, and generates engagement for your brand. Strategic, thoughtful, and consistent brands build trust among your audiences and establish differentiation from your competition, positioning you as the ideal choice.

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Market Research & Analysis

Knowledge is power, and research is the key. Before recommending marketing tactics for growth, we begin with market research. We dive into your history and understand the “why” of what you do. This may include but is not limited to, interviews, focus groups, surveys, competitor analysis, and more. The information gathered from market research then serves as the foundation for your messaging platform and strategic marketing recommendations.

Marketing Campaigns & Promotion

We love it when a plan comes together. A solid campaign and marketing strategy will serve as a roadmap for all marketing and communication initiatives. Creating a consistent tone, messaging, aesthetics, and persona to promote your unique qualities and strengths. UNANIMOUS will help define your objectives, conduct market research, analyze the competition, and create a multi-faceted approach to engage your target audience.

Brand Naming & Renaming

What's in a name? As it turns out, everything. Your company’s name should be representative of aspects of your organization and connect with your target audience instantly. Assumptions about the quality and nature of your organization will be based solely on your name alone. UNANIMOUS utilizes a proven process to develop a name that is timeless, unique, and representative of either who you are or what you do.

Copywriting & Content

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Utilizing a professional copywriter is a wise decision. Understanding grammar, persuasive language, and word choice can help align your vision with your messaging–a necessary element of effective marketing. Developing your brand voice, maintaining a consistent tone, and creating intentional messages will resonate with your audience. UNANIMOUS provides copywriting for web, print, radio, TV, social media, and other marketing applications.

Digital Marketing & PPC

Start your engines! Social networks and search engines provide unique advertising opportunities with the ability to target specific consumer demographics, behaviors, and preferences. We will help identify your target audiences and define your desired audience segments. As a certified Google Partner, UNANIMOUS can assist with expertly crafted ads, budgets, tracking, and increased ROI on all of your social media advertising or Google Ads campaigns. 

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Social Media Management

Likes, Shares, and Engagement—Oh my! Effective social media marketing requires more than setting up a Facebook account. To generate a return on your investment in social media, UNANIMOUS identifies who you want to reach, what you want to say, and where is the best place for those to connect. We will guide you through the setup of your network with a strategy for content, contests, connecting with fans, posting recommendations, and guidelines for integrating social media into your marketing strategy.

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Traditional Advertising & Media

Are you ready to hit the target? Utilizing an inventory of current and potential tactics and an assessment of your target audiences, UNANIMOUS helps plan an effective media mix to meet your advertising and communication goals. We assist in the proper selection, budgeting, and media buys within local and national markets. UNANIMOUS will define the strategy, provide stewardship, and oversee the execution of your entire media and advertising campaign.

Public Relations

Perception of your organization is pivotal. Public relations requires the art of engaging content paired with effective business development efforts. UNANIMOUS assists clients in presenting a positive image and maintaining a positive relationship with key stakeholders. We can manage PR efforts, including press releases, pitch stories, news coverage, and crisis communications. Consistently promoting notable achievements is one of the best ways to ensure top-of-mind brand awareness.