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Crane Trust

Professional Nonprofit Video Production

The Crane Trust, a nonprofit organization near Wood River, Nebraska, is dedicated to the year-round preservation and safeguarding of nearly 10,000 acres of vital habitat that is crucial for the survival of the endangered whooping cranes, sandhill cranes, and countless other species. The organization is renowned for its variety of in-person tours, designed to educate and enlighten those interested in a deeper understanding of the world’s largest crane migration.

Video Project Objectives

Crane Trust collaborated with the UNANIMOUS video production team to revitalize two of their extensively utilized videos, seeking a modern touch to some existing footage. Additionally, they sought to enrich the 6-minute educational touring scripts to enhance the overall impact and engagement of the videos.

crane trust video production
crane trust video production

Video Production

Following a productive discovery meeting, the UNANIMOUS team proposed a strategy for the "Great Sandhill Migration Video" that involved removing all interview responses and substituting them with scripted voiceover narration. This approach aimed to impart a nature documentary style to the video. Furthermore, the team recommended replacing the narration in the "Spring Migration - Welcome" video with narration provided by the same voiceover artist, ensuring a consistent and cohesive narrative throughout both videos.

Crane Trust Welcome Video