GRACE Cancer Foundation

Nonprofit Professional Brand Video

The GRACE Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization serving cancer patients in Grand Island and the surrounding areas for over fifteen years. The GRACE Cancer Foundation identified a critical need for a brand awareness video to revitalize its image beyond its well-known "Race for GRACE" event. The nonprofit aimed to convey the full spectrum of its efforts in supporting individuals affected by cancer. This video needed to focus on showcasing the multifaceted services provided by the organization and would intimately share the impactful stories of those most profoundly touched by this disease.

Video Producer filming Gary working in his woodshop

Video Production

Following a kickoff meeting where project goals and key messaging points were discussed, the UNANIMOUS team initiated preliminary pre-production interviews to gather background information on the interviewees before scheduling video production sessions. Collaboratively, the team also identified the most significant GRACE-sponsored events to film, along with the additional action footage necessary to visually depict the interviewees' daily lives.

After conducting interviews, attending two distinct GRACE-sponsored events, and capturing action footage of all the interviewees, the UNANIMOUS team dedicated efforts to deliver a brand awareness video to the GRACE Cancer Foundation. This video is valuable for their website, corresponding social media channels, and, notably, their in-person Gala event.

The UNANIMOUS video team was amazing to work with, they truly brought our vision to life. All our interviewees were so impressed with them and stated they asked questions they never would have thought of. They truly believed in our mission, became part of our organizational family, and attended our Gala event, where we released the video for the first time to the public.

Sarah M Koch

GRACE Cancer Foundation