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Commercial Video Production

Seven types of professional video for your business

UNANIMOUS is a commercial video production agency based in the heart of the Midwest—Lincoln, Nebraska. At UNANIMOUS, we are often asked, “What types of videos does my business need?” Although every business is unique with its own set of goals and objectives, we recommend several types of videos to organizations wanting to improve their marketing efforts and assist in meeting strategic brand goals. 

Brand Videos  |  Promotional Videos  |  Explainer Videos  |  Testimonial Videos  |  Recruitment Videos  |  Educational Videos  |  Branded Content

Brand Video Production

A brand video, otherwise known as a company overview video, is a strategic way to introduce your business, products, or services. Brand videos provide an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression on your target audience by conveying your unique company culture and values through visual storytelling. Brand videos often live on your organization’s homepage or a dedicated landing page on your website. These videos can also be promoted and distributed through your company’s social media channels. The goal of a brand video is to generate interest and provide a strong call-to-action!

GRACE Cancer Foundation

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard

Rivers Metal Products

Promotional Video Production

A promotional video (also known as a commercial video) is typically used to promote your business’s specific products or services. In the past, commercials were mainly produced for television and radio, however many companies now use online channels to showcase their products and services. Because today’s audiences have a short attention span, concise promotional videos are an effective and sought-after way to advertise a product or service. Promotional videos are typically edited to 6, 15, 30, or 60 seconds, making production challenging. Shorter video scripts and edits must be intentional with clear objectives in mind. Commercial videos provide flexible promotional opportunities to be viewed on broadcast TV, websites, Hulu, Spotify, or YouTube. They also offer messaging versatility to meet changing product or service goals.

Campbell's Nursery

Adams State Bank


Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are short, informative videos created to demonstrate a specific product’s use or explain a service your organization wants to highlight. Often explainer videos are fun, engaging, and make a great introduction of your brand to new audiences. When done well, explainer videos promote and explain your company, product, or service. Explainer videos are used to break down an idea or process into easier-to-understand elements for your audience. A great first step in creating an explainer video is to develop a list of Q&As that need to be explained. It’s important to remember that videos running too long (giving every detail) quickly lose the attention of your audience and become ineffective.




Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial videos are a great way to provide honest and unscripted feedback about products, services, initiatives, or company culture. These videos offer heartfelt, personal messages rather than well-designed scripted commercial pitches. Testimonial videos typically feature one or more individuals sharing their experiences of how your product or service has made a positive impact. This type of video can also be a valuable tool for your Human Resources Department for recruiting talented employees. Just like customers, job applicants like to hear honest feedback about what it’s like to work with you and your organization.

Hampton Enterprises

Dialysis Center of Lincoln

Southeast Community College

Recruitment Video Production

In today’s competitive job market, employers are seeking new and innovative ways to recruit talent. Video provides a professional and effective way to reach a broad audience to explain the benefits of working for your organization. Videos can highlight opportunities for remote work and expand the talent pool beyond a local geographic area. Recruitment videos can easily be published on company websites, distributed across social media channels, and sent directly to prospects. Not only are HR recruitment videos a great tool for employers to find the right candidates for their company, but these videos can assist individuals in evaluating employment opportunities as well.

Dialysis Center of Lincoln

Watts Electric

Cornhusker Bank

Educational Video Production

In a sense, every video is educational in some way. However, unlike the other videos, educational videos focus on teaching and creating awareness rather than directly selling a product or service. Educational videos are a way to establish you or your organization as an expert in your field and a leader in the industry—to build trust. This video content should be helpful, informative, and share-worthy. By creating video content that helps solve a problem or need for the audience, you can indirectly position your company as the best option for making a purchase.




Branded Video Production

Branded content videos showcase an experience or provide insight into your company culture. These videos form a deeper connection with their audiences. Companies that successfully pull off this type of video often focus less on a direct sale and more on sharing a story. They put the story first, and the brand payoff will come with it. Branded videos are entertaining, informative, and oftentimes evoke emotion, making the experience more like watching a quick TV show or short film and less like viewing an advertisement. This results in viewers wanting to share the content to show others.

The Great Sandhill Crane Migration

One Day Without Shoes

Good Life, Great Beer

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