AQSG brand logo on window
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American Quilt Study Group

Organization Branding, Logo Design, & Website Design

The American Quilt Study Group (AQSG) came to UNANIMOUS for direction in developing a visual foundation for future brand development, beginning with new logo and website designs. AQSG has a rich history of bringing people together through the study and stories of quilt making. The UNANIMOUS creative team worked to design a logomark that portrayed the importance of those relationships with a simple, modern, and inviting appeal.

American Quilt Study Group Logo

American Quilt Study Group Logo

“Our committee was very impressed with UNANIMOUS. Not only the design, but the entire process. It was such a pleasure working with you because you understood AQSG and who we are from the very beginning.”

Debra J. Dahab, Ph.D.


Logo Versatility

The wordmark focuses on QUILT STUDY to emphasize the group studies all quilts, not just American quilts. An alternate acronym version of the logo was designed for internal use, as most group members refer to the organization as “AQSG”. The final logos provide a strong foundation to build their visual brand identity, grow membership, and build connections well into the future.

A Brand New Quilt Website

To complement the new logo, The UNANIMOUS team designed a new website with a focus on two primary goals 1) recruit new members and 2) engage current members. The design of the new site has a clean layout, keeping the focus on bold, brilliant imagery—quilts and events. The updated site design celebrates AQSG’s members, culture, and the group’s rich history while promoting and highlighting events.