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Web Design & Development

Comprehensive web planning and design is the true passion of the UNANIMOUS web development team. We design professional websites of all sizes, scopes, and complexity. The result is an intuitive user experience with compelling messaging confirmed by trackable visitor conversions. Please Note: All UNANIMOUS websites are custom built. No pre-made website templates were used in the construction of this site, or any other website we have developed.

Web Development

A professionally built website can improve credibility, increase brand awareness, and expand reach to a wider audience. We leverage content management systems like Drupal and WordPress and build sites that are easy for you to update without any knowledge of code or web programming.

web internal resources


Say hello to your new best friend! At UNANIMOUS, we build custom professional websites that set you and your organization up for success and serve as powerful marketing tools for you and your team. Adding users, creating pages, revising menus, changing text, updating images, and creating online forms for client feedback surveys are a breeze. Whether you need a simple brochure site that's easy to update or a full-blown intranet with tools and resources for your organization, UNANIMOUS is your ideal partner for your next interactive online venture.

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web external engagement


Let's build something you're proud of. A well-designed website will significantly increase external engagement for your organization. By providing a user-friendly platform for customers and prospects to interact with the brand, a website can create a sense of trust, credibility, and accessibility. Your site will serve as a hub for all marketing and promotional initiatives and feature valuable resources such as team profiles, recent news, case studies, and testimonials, providing visitors with valuable information and building long-lasting relationships with their audience.

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In-house Web Development

At your service. The dedicated development team at UNANIMOUS allows for greater control and flexibility over the design and functionality of the website, ensuring it aligns with the company's brand and objectives. The expert developers collaborate closely with other departments to create a cohesive and integrated digital strategy. This can result in a more streamlined and effective approach to website development, maintenance, and updates. Our team can provide a faster turnaround time and more personalized support, ensuring that any concerns or updates are addressed promptly. A plugin for desired web functionality doesn’t exist? No problem, our team has the ability to create one! 

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Custom Website Design

First impressions matter. Your website needs to accurately represent the quality and professional nature of your organization. UNANIMOUS fully considers your brand's aesthetic and will design visually engaging custom layouts for your website. Our graphic designers work closely with the web development team to ensure your website blends design, user experience, content, and functionality. Your website is designed with growth in mind, prioritizes information, and will have an intuitive user experience that makes finding the desired information effortless. We avoid using cookie-cutter templates and over-used designs, creating a unique and effortless one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. 

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Website Planning & Architecture

It’s all part of the plan. It’s crucial for visitors to be able to navigate your website efficiently. The user experience should be your top priority, and visitors should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. At the same time, the website management or administration experiences should be intuitive, smooth, and create workflow efficiencies. UNANIMOUS focuses on your site structure and works with your team to organize and prioritize information. Starting with a full site inventory, we focus on goals, objectives, and generating trackable conversions.

E-Commerce & Online Transactions

Ring ring cha-ching! We build websites that help businesses thrive online. UNANIMOUS specializes in building websites that include e-commerce, online stores, paid event registrations, donations, paid memberships, and much more. If you need assistance tracking product inventory, class registrations, event tickets, membership expiration, or implementing a variety of membership discounts, UNANIMOUS is here to help! We have experience with various payment gateways and can offer suggestions based on your unique goals and requirements.

Google Analytics & Search Console

What’s poppin and what’s floppin? If you're unable to gauge the effectiveness of your website efforts, then you're not using your website to its full potential. UNANIMOUS installs Google Analytics and Search Console on every site we build to gain insights about visitor behavior, website traffic statistics, time on site, how visitors find your website, their geographic location, and much more. We meet with clients on a regular basis to review information gathered from analytics and the search console and make suggestions about website adjustments, additions, or changes that we think should be made as a result.

API & Third-Party Integrations

Let’s leverage your connections. Are you looking to integrate or have your website share data with external platforms? If your project requires something slightly more complex, our team has the skill and expertise to develop and build much more than a brochure website. UNANIMOUS works with several third-party APIs to accommodate various software integrations such as social media, access databases, MySQL, Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot, and more. Integrating your other systems will create workflow efficiencies in the long run and save your company generous amounts of time and money.

Landing Pages & Microsites

Build it, and they will come. Landing pages and microsites are focused versions of web properties designed to capture leads or convert visitors into customers. They are crafted to achieve a single goal, which could be anything from generating leads to selling a product or service. The primary objective of these simple sites is to encourage visitors to take a specific action, such as filling out a form, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter. By focusing on a more simplified composition of content, microsites and landing pages can deliver a clearer message and increase the chances of success. It also allows marketers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve their results.

Hosting, Support, & Maintenance

Your host with the most. UNANIMOUS offers premium web hosting, support, and maintenance options for all our websites. Each hosting instance allows for separate development, staging, and production environments. All website code changes are committed to a version control system to document and monitor all changes. Nightly backups of code, files, and databases are scheduled, and 30 days of backups are always kept. Standard maintenance includes security updates every six months, with critical concerns, addressed immediately. All updates are installed on the development environment, tested, then pushed to production. Our web support team is extremely responsive, and support plans are available in various formats.