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Harbor Ministries

Nonprofit Graphic Design, Video, & Marketing Collateral

Harbor Ministries is dedicated to helping strategic leaders live a life of rhythm and balance, leave a legacy in their ministry and family, and finish their journey well. They provide tools, resources, and support to emerging leaders, transition leaders, and crisis leaders. Harbor Ministries partnered with UNANIMOUS to help with a handful of creative and design projects, including annual reports, custom boxes, posters, invitations, mailers, professional video production, and more.

Non-profit Video Production

UNANIMOUS team members crafted a compelling collection of impactful stories for Harbor Ministries. These video productions covered numerous global locations and utilized various techniques and equipment, such as professional drones, complex camera configurations, professional lighting arrays, technical sound arrangements, and more. The comprehensive plan involved discovery, video pre-production, video shoot production, and post-production video editing, all essential to creating videos that fully embrace their mission and position them as a reputable organization.

Carving Change Direct Mail Brochure Series

UNANIMOUS worked with Harbor Ministries to create a direct mail brochure series titled "Carving Change." Each tri-fold brochure design was tailored to a specific location related to the ministry journey. UNANIMOUS coordinated printing and mailing services for direct mail distribution.

Branded Posters & Location Maps

UNANIMOUS designed two large posters featuring topographic maps of locations related to Harbor Ministries. Each map pinpoints specific locations that relate to participant experience. Additional information, stories, and images were organized on the back of the map to promote the ministry and prompt further engagement. Each map was folded and mailed to participants as part of a two-part direct mail series.

Harbor Ministries Poster

UNANIMOUS collaborated on the design of yet another large-format poster titled "Still Chasing Cliffs" for direct mailing. This mail piece showcased the breathtaking vistas of Iceland's renowned cliffs and featured a letter from the director and details about a rental property in Estes Park, Colorado.

Custom Branded Direct Mail Postcards

UNANIMOUS designed a versatile postcard template to highlight different events and programs. Displayed below are postcards for two separate initiatives. The first postcard promotes a Mini-Golf Challenge, and the second introduces a Colorado rental property known as the Blue Spruce.

Harbor Ministries Annual Report

A comprehensive 24-page annual report for Harbor Ministries was crafted, offering information and inspiration. This report vividly portrays the transformative influence Harbor Ministries has had on its community members. To explore the complete booklet, click the link provided below.

View Annual Report PDF

Harbor Ministries Annual Report

Harbor Ministries Letters

Custom stationery designs were thoughtfully crafted to serve as creative and inspirational communication tools by Harbor Ministries' executive director. The custom letterhead incorporated subtle design elements, featuring picturesque scenes from both Iceland and Colorado.