Video Production Agency & Photo Services

Storytelling & Imagery

Videos, animation, and motion graphics will convey your story and capture your audience's attention. We help with all phases of bringing these narratives to life. We use unique imagery and creative video for television, social media, websites, onboarding, training, internal communications, and more.

Video Production

We offer top-quality video production services to help our clients elevate their brands and tell their stories in the most captivating way possible. We understand the power of visual content and how it can help organizations establish an emotional connection with their audience and inspire engagement.

video internal education


Are you read to feel the learn? In-house training videos can provide significant benefits for businesses of all sizes, markets, and industries. They offer a cost-effective and scalable way to train employees on policies, procedures, and best practices. This can result in more consistent and standardized training across the organization, leading to improved performance, productivity, and job satisfaction. Make training accessible with a library of videos that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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video external promotion


Let's keep it reel. Video has become an essential part of modern marketing strategies, and for a good reason. Video content can effectively capture and successfully retain the attention of viewers, conveying complex messages in a concise and engaging manner. It can also evoke emotions and connect with audiences on a deeper level, helping to build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty. Video can be shared across multiple platforms, from social media to email marketing and website content.

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Video Pre-Production & Planning

Let’s make plans. A well-planned video project helps ensure its success. UNANIMOUS reviews and establishes specific goals and requirements of the project during the project kickoff meeting. This establishes a smooth workflow while providing efficient use of talent and resources. Concepting, script writing, content outlining, storyboarding, talent auditions, shoot planning, and location scouting are elements of pre-production.

Video Scripting & Storyboarding

What’s your story? Scriptwriting and storyboarding are important steps completed during the pre-production phase. Accurately capturing the tone and cadence of the video while providing clear direction for visual shots before ever picking up a camera is vital. Voiceover artists, camera crews, and talent will ultimately be guided by the script and storyboard.

Video Shoot Production

Are you ready to shoot your shot? Video shoot production is where the real magic begins! UNANIMOUS Crew members working on location have your goals in mind, following the script and storyboard to create tone and message alignment across the project. Video shoot production may include filming scripted shots, capturing candid b-roll footage, and conducting video interviews. 

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Video Post-Production & Editing

Drum roll, please. Post-production brings the story to life. We use the scripts, storyboards, content outlines, and shot lists as guides to creatively edit and assemble all elements of each video. This phase may include  recording voiceover audio narrations, video and audio editing, designing graphics and animations, color correcting and grading, music selection, and audio mixing.

Drone Video & Aerial Photography

Up up and away! Perspective and totality are captured from a bird’s-eye view. Drone video, photography, and aerial panoramas are engaging, powerful, and memorable. Our UNANIMOUS video team is FAA Part 107 Drone Certified, allowing us to legally capture stunning aerial photos and videos for your brand, telling a compelling or unique story to your audience.

Motion Graphics & Animation

We like to move it, move it. UNANIMOUS has a talented team of illustrators and animators ready to design engaging motion graphics and animations for your video to help attract attention. Combining graphics and video is an excellent method for explaining the steps, procedures, and lists you want your audience to remember.

Portrait & Product Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Professional headshots and quality product photography make a memorable impact on your visual identity and, ultimately, your overall brand. Cameras, angles, lighting, and backdrops can significantly enhance photo quality and further validate your organization. UNANIMOUS has an in-house studio to produce photos that authentically communicate your brand and flatter your subjects.

Video Distribution & Promotion

Knock knock. Who’s there? Your video. A great vision, a detailed script, an insightful storyboard, efficient directing, talented filming, and meticulous editing bring your video together. Now what? Developing an implementation strategy is equally as important. The UNANIMOUS team will work to develop a plan to distribute and promote your video based on your content strategy, target audiences, and project goals. Video Distribution Guide (PDF) >>>