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School Logo & Mascot Design

UNANIMOUS is centrally located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and ready to help with all your school and education branding projects! We will elevate your education brand with our custom mascot design services. Our team specializes in creating unique, engaging mascots that convey your school spirit and values. Perfect for schools, colleges, universities, and education programs, our designs foster pride, enhance brand recognition, and boost student engagement. Bring your school brand to life!

Universities, Colleges, School, & Education

How We Help Education Organizations

UNANIMOUS is a full-service Midwest branding agency rooted in Lincoln, Nebraska, specializing in education identity, mascot design, and school branding. We partner with education institutions across the country to create strategic marketing, innovative design, interactive websites, and engaging education videos. Our nationwide collaborations are built on a foundation of creativity, strategy, and results aimed at enhancing education experiences. Whether revitalizing a school's brand or launching new education programs, our team is dedicated to achieving your goals with expertise and enthusiasm.

School & Education Logo Design

Our logo design service specializes in crafting distinctive, impactful logos for educational institutions. A well-designed logo is crucial for brand identity, conveying your values and mission at a glance. Our expert designers work closely with you to create a logo that stands out, fostering recognition and trust within the education community. Elevate your brand identity with a logo that speaks to your fans!

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Sports & Athletics Mascot Design

Capture the energy, passion, and spirit of your sports teams with our specialized sports and athletics branding and mascot design services. Tailored for schools, colleges, and sports organizations, our mascots boost team spirit and fan engagement. UNANIMOUS will create dynamic, inspiring mascots that embody your team's strength and unity, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive sports arena.

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Messaging & Communication

Strengthen your school messaging and communication with our expert services. We specialize in crafting clear, impactful messages that resonate with students, parents, and staff. From strategic planning to execution, our team ensures your communications are consistent, engaging, and reflective of your institution's values and goals, enhancing your overall brand presence.

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Sports Uniforms & Apparel

Enhance your school's athletic team presence with custom-designed sports uniforms and apparel. Our designs not only look professional but also embody your team's spirit and school pride. We design high-quality, stylish, and engaging uniforms that players and fans will wear with pride, enhancing team identity and camaraderie on and off the sports field.

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Custom School Web Design

Our custom school web design service creates compelling, user-friendly websites that effectively communicate your education organization's brand. Tailored to engage students, parents, and educators, our websites are optimized for SEO, ensuring high visibility and a strong online presence. Let us help you make a lasting impression with a website that stands out.

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School Promotional Items

Boost your school's visibility and spirit with our custom school promotional items. From branded stationery and apparel to unique giveaways, we'll help create promotional products that are designed to enhance your school's identity and build community. Let us help you create memorable, impactful items that students, parents, and staff will love.

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Facility Signage & Branding

Our facility signage and branding services transform education spaces into branded environments that inspire. Whether you need court branding, directional signage, or inspirational wall graphics, our designs enhance the overall look of your education facilities. UNANIMOUS will create a cohesive and engaging brand experience for everyone who visits your campus.

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School Video & Photography

Tell your school's story with our professional video and photography services. Our video content captures the essence of your educational institution, showcasing your programs, events, and community spirit. Engaging and high-quality, our videos and photos are perfect for marketing, social media, and archival purposes, bringing your school's unique narrative to life.

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Education & School Graphic Design

Our graphic design services cater specifically to the education sector, offering custom design services that communicate your brand's message effectively. From brochures and banners to digital content and promotional materials, our designs are tailored to engage and inform. Elevate your education brand visibility and appeal with our professional, creative graphic design services.

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Education Research & Analysis

We offer comprehensive insights and research evaluations to drive strategic improvements in universities, colleges, schools, and other education organizations. Specializing in data-driven analysis, we employ focus groups, interviews, surveys, and more to identify areas for enhancement. UNANIMOUS transforms education brand strategies and gets results.

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Our School Branding Process for Logos & Mascots

At UNANIMOUS, we utilize our proven branding process specifically for education organizations to seek truth, gain alignment, and provide clarity. We look to fully understand your unique education brand while we examine your school's goals. We dig deep, ask questions, and pride ourselves on being avid listeners. These insights fuel our ability to create dynamically designed mascots, compelling school strategies, thoughtful college brands, scalable education websites, and powerful results.

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Why Choose UNANIMOUS for Schools & Education

UNANIMOUS combines thoughtful marketing, creative design, and digital expertise to craft compelling education brands that resonate with students, parents, and educators alike. Our process is deeply rooted in active listening and tailored research, ensuring that each educational institution's values, vision, and goals are accurately reflected and communicated. By partnering with UNANIMOUS, education organizations can leverage our team's skills and experience to achieve greater impact.


Informed & Experienced. 
Bridging insights with action, our portfolio highlights a broad spectrum of successful collaborations, particularly in the education sector. We've dedicated considerable time and effort to making meaningful contributions across various education landscapes, including K-12 schools, higher education, online learning platforms, and other education organizations. We are eager to share examples of our impactful work within the education community and provide testimonials from our satisfied education partners.


Strategic & Intentional.
As advocates for educational clarity, we leverage our expertise to fully understand and enhance education brands. Through in-depth discussions and attentive listening, we meticulously assess your educational institution's messaging and visual brand identity. These insights guide us in crafting intelligent brand strategies and creative solutions, including compelling education websites, engaging instructional videos, and coherent brand messaging, all aimed at achieving true alignment with your education mission and values.


Complete & Coordinated.
We specialize in creating cohesive education brands, from initial research and strategy through to execution. Our services cover a comprehensive range of needs specific to education organizations, including strategic marketing planning, creative branding and design, user-friendly web design, and captivating education video production. Our team offers a depth of service and responsiveness, ensuring your education brand is consistently presented at its best.


Collaborative & Consultative.
We position ourselves as a proactive ally in your education journey, aiming to enact significant advancements for your institution. Our team is not just accessible and responsive; we're committed to becoming an integral part of your education community. By fostering a collaborative partnership, we enhance efficiency and amplify your impact, involving you in our creative process to ensure unity and consensus on every education project. Our strategy dynamically adapts to your evolving education goals and vision.


Skilled & Professional.
With over 40 years of service, including a strong focus on education, our Lincoln, NE team offers unparalleled expertise in delivering impactful results for education brand initiatives of all sizes. Our extensive experience ensures high-quality output, insightful educational market trends, and effective communication strategies. We stay ahead of the latest educational technologies and trends, offering consultative guidance tailored to the dynamic needs of education institutions across the country.


Results & Returns.
We're not just goal-setters, we're education goal-getters. By establishing clear, measurable objectives for your education brand, we meticulously plan and execute strategies emphasizing your institution's unique offerings, competitive edge, and impact on student success. Our proactive approach includes regular performance reviews to adjust tactics and strategies, ensuring ongoing improvement and meaningful results for your educational institution.

Education Branding Matters

Education branding is crucial because it defines identity, sets you apart from competitors, and communicates unique values and mission to students, parents, and educators. A strong brand resonates emotionally, building trust and loyalty that can significantly impact enrollment and retention rates. It not only helps attract prospective students by showcasing the institution's strengths and achievements but also fosters a sense of pride and belonging among current students and alumni. In an increasingly competitive educational landscape, effective branding acts as a beacon that guides and aligns all stakeholders towards a common goal, ensuring the institution's legacy and success are well-established and enduring. UNANIMOUS is here to help!