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St. Teresa Jayhawks

School Mascot Logo Design & Brand Strategy

St. Teresa Catholic School is a ministry of the St. Teresa Parish in Lincoln, Nebraska. The educational community serves families and students from pre-k through eighth grade. As decision-makers met to discuss the need to refinish the gym floor, dialog emerged about the center-court logo. Realizing they needed more modern and versatile artwork, St. Teresa approached UNANIMOUS to create a logo for the court and complete a brand redesign for the school. St. Teresa wanted to enhance multiple elements of the school’s visual presence to accurately reflect its powerful ministry's broad reach.

St. Teresa Catholic School Athletic Mascot Logo

St. Teresa Catholic School Athletic Mascot Logo

branded school mascot flags
branded school athletic mascot flag
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branded school mascot sweatshirt
branded school mascot sweatshirt

The origin of the Jayhawk is rooted in the historical struggles of midwestern settlers. The term “Jayhawk” was coined around 1849 when a party of pioneers called themselves “The Jayhawkers of ’49”. The name combines two birds, the Blue Jay and the Sparrow Hawk.

Bluejay: Noisy. Intelligent. Fearless.

Sparrow Hawk: Stealthy. Powerful. Majestic.

Building Brand Awareness

The UNANIMOUS goals were to build awareness and engagement by designing an evolved visual brand identity with a unified and cohesive family of brand assets. Art files needed to be versatile and easy to use in all marketing applications—digital, print, signage, uniforms, apparel, etc.

St. Teresa Catholic School Seal Logo

St. Teresa Catholic School Seal Logo

A Complete School Re-Brand

It was extremely important to incorporate design elements with a strong connection to St. Teresa’s history, tradition, and culture while uniting the ministry scholastically, academically, and athletically. To complete the facets of their brand updates, UNANIMOUS delivered:

A custom-designed Jayhawk 
Mascot logo lockups 
A redesigned academic seal 
A renewed monogram 
Alternate logo lockups 
A brand guide 
Basketball court design and recommendations 

School Logo

School Brand Guide & Standards

A school's brand standards are important because they help create a cohesive and consistent brand image for the educational organization. Brand consistency is important because it builds trust, credibility, and establishes a higher perception of quality. A well-kept school brand will bolster school pride and foster a strong and recognizable brand that people will rally around.