College Bobcat Mascot Design

Southeast Community College Mascot

College Mascot Design & Brand Development

Introducing Southeast Community College's new college mascot design, the Bobcat. Brought to life by the creative team at UNANIMOUS, the Bobcat is more than just a mascot–it represents school spirit, unity, and the aspirational values of the college community. With its intricate design, dynamic expression, and undeniable charisma, the Bobcat is a symbol that unites students, faculty, and alumni. This college mascot perfectly blends traditional elements and modern aesthetics, capturing the essence of Southeast Community College's commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and excellence. UNANIMOUS is proud to be a part of the college's vibrant new athletic brand and visual identity.


College Mascot Online Brand Guide

UNANIMOUS developed an online brand guide for the Bobcat mascot, an invaluable tool for establishing and maintaining a cohesive brand identity. The guide encapsulates essential elements such as colors, typography, and logo usage. This digital brand guide ensures consistency across all brand touchpoints and empowers internal teams, external partners, and stakeholders to align with the brand's vision. With easy accessibility, an online brand guide becomes a dynamic tool, facilitating quick updates and adaptations as the brand evolves. It acts as a guardian of brand integrity, fostering a unified and impactful brand presence in the digital landscape.

College Mascot Branded Apparel

UNANIMOUS collaborated with Southeast Community College on a branded Bobcat mascot apparel line. This isn't just apparel and merchandise—it's a wearable expression of school pride and community spirit. Each piece, from the intricately detailed tees to the eye-catching hoodies, serves as a sartorial extension of the college's dynamic and inclusive culture. The new Bobcat mascot apparel connects students, alums, and supporters in a shared identity. It enriches the texture of campus life, making each wearer a walking ambassador of the values Southeast Community College holds dear.

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