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Millard Central Cyclones

School Branding & Mascot Logo Design

Millard Central Middle School (CMS) is a public school located in Omaha, Nebraska. CMS, formerly Millard Junior High, is a feeder school for Millard South High School. Millard’s CMS seeks to provide inclusive and supportive learning environments for every learner to achieve personal academic excellence.

CMS School Athletics Logo

CMS School Athletics Logo

Branded Athletic Apparel Design

Creating a brand with character and class was vital in representing the CMS core values: pride, family, community, diversity, and a focus on children. Designing a logomark with a subtle connection to Millard South High School but embodying the unique and distinct character of the students, teachers, and CMS community was the goal.

Branded Sports Equipment Design

CMS joined forces with the UNANIMOUS team when the need to refinish the gymnasium floor became imperative. Without consistency in logos or mascots over the years, the investment in a new gym floor provided an excellent opportunity to create a modern and versatile visual brand identity.

branded school athletic flag
branded school basketball court

Building School Brand Pride

The CMS team wanted a brand design that wasn’t elementary but still fun and showcased their school pride in a modern, refined, and colorful way. Additionally, the academic crest was refreshed, vectorized, and the colors were updated to match their new brand.

“Our new visual identity is exactly what we were looking for, plus more. Thank you! We are excited about how this rebrand turned out. UNANIMOUS was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and great to work with.”

Michelle Klug

Principal - Millard Central Middle School

Education Brand Guide & Standards

Designing a logo that could easily be replicated across all mediums including web, print, and social was important. A design family of logos was created with an extensive variety of lockups, wordmarks, and logo marks. This allows for versatility in use from branding on the website to apparel and uniforms. Upon approval, a detailed brand standards guide was developed and distributed with the updated files. The guide provides detailed specifications for use, replication, and distribution.