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NXTSTAT Sports Lab

Sports Branding, Logo Design, & Web Design

NXTSTAT is creating a new industry for youth sports. A mobile sports lab is available to youth athletes around the world, and intelligent data will drive player ratings accessible to teams, coaches, and scouts. UNANIMOUS developed the NXTSTAT brand and designed and developed a multi-functional website

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Sports Branding Design Inspiration

A successful logo has a compelling story and intention for design choices. The hexagon is a common shape in science-related industries. The logomark is big and bold–much like NXTSTAT's vision to be the leader in youth sports science technology for athletic testing and training. The typeface was selected to resemble the technology and science component of the brand.

"UNANIMOUS hit it out of the park with the NxtStat brand and website design. Working through design concepts with their team is always a great experience. Thank you so much for bringing our vision to life!"

Brian Willet

NxtStat Sports Lab

Hidden Brand Elements

In case you missed it, inside the hexagon is a hidden lettermark "NS" for NXTSTAT. With its distinctive curves, movement, angles, and spacing, the logomark is a compelling, unique, and one-of-a-kind logo design

Sports Brand Guide

A brand guide ensures the consistent and correct use of the logo, colors, fonts, and placements for various applications. 

Sports Website Design & Development

The NXTSTAT website was designed to be modern and refined to match the overall brand essence. It's a resource and tool to be used by athletes, parents, coaches, and scouts.