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UNANIMOUS is centrally located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and ready to help with all your healthcare branding projects! Healthcare branding and marketing are pivotal for establishing trust and engaging patients. Effective healthcare branding includes the provider’s mission, values, and the unique benefits they offer, fostering a strong emotional connection with patients. Healthcare marketing ensures the right message reaches the right audience at the right time, increasing visibility, retaining existing clientele, and attracting new patients. 

A Healthcare Branding & Marketing Agency

How We Help Hospitals & Healthcare Brands

UNANIMOUS is a full-service Midwest healthcare branding agency rooted in Lincoln, Nebraska. We leverage innovative design, compelling messaging, and strategic marketing, helping healthcare brands effectively communicate their values, differentiate their services, and connect with their target audiences on a deeper level. Our holistic approach to healthcare branding improves visibility and reputation and drives growth and success in delivering healthcare services.

Healthcare Verbal Identity

We specialize in creating clear, empathetic messaging that speaks directly to patients' needs, building trust, and establishing your organization as a leader in healthcare. Your verbal brand identity is the baseline for all healthcare messaging and communications, internally and externally. These verbal elements are crucial components of a comprehensive and complete healthcare brand. Creating a thoughtful verbal brand identity will set you up for success by speaking to your ideal audiences and creating a culture that not only attracts but retains talent. 

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Healthcare Visual Identity & Logo

Create a memorable first impression with our healthcare visual brand identity and logo design services. Our designs reflect the heart of your healthcare brand, combining professionalism with compassion to visually communicate your commitment to patient care. The visual brand identity component of branding consists of your logo, colors, typography, and corresponding design elements. It is the visual representation of your healthcare brand, and it needs to be meaningful and intentional and correlate with the other aspects of your professional brand identity.

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Healthcare Web Design

Our designers collaborate seamlessly with our web development team to merge design, user experience, healthcare content, and functionality, ensuring your site caters to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals alike. Designed with your growth in mind, your website will prioritize essential information and offer an intuitive user experience, making it easy for visitors to find exactly what they need. We steer clear of generic templates and guarantee visitors a unique and seamless online experience.

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Healthcare Video Production

Healthcare videos bring brands to life! The UNANIMOUS team, specializing in healthcare video content, arrives on location with your objectives at the forefront, adhering to the script and storyboard to ensure your message and tone resonate with patients and healthcare professionals alike. Our video production may include filming scripted scenarios highlighting your healthcare services, capturing b-roll footage of your facilities, and conducting insightful interviews with medical staff and satisfied patients. 

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Healthcare Graphic Design

The UNANIMOUS design team is dedicated to enhancing your healthcare organization's presence as we craft your brand identity, launch campaigns, or develop targeted marketing initiatives. Our skilled creatives specialize in healthcare design, delivering materials designed to engage patients, increase brand recognition, and support patient acquisition. From informative brochures and digital content to professional stationery, we ensure every piece aligns with your healthcare brand standards, communicates clearly, and includes a compelling call to action. 

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Healthcare Digital Marketing

Social networks and search engines offer unparalleled online advertising opportunities tailored to healthcare audiences, allowing for precise targeting based on demographics, behaviors, and patient needs. We specialize in identifying and segmenting your target patient groups and healthcare professionals. As a certified Google Partner, UNANIMOUS is equipped to enhance your healthcare organization's digital advertising strategy with expertly designed PPC ads, optimized budgets, and comprehensive tracking to maximize ROI on your social media and Google Ads campaigns.

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Healthcare Market Research

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to unlocking the potential of healthcare market research. We initiate thorough market research before crafting targeted marketing strategies for healthcare organizations. We delve into your organization's history and grasp the "why" behind your mission. This process encompasses interviews, focus groups, surveys, competitor analysis, and more, all tailored to the healthcare research context. The insights obtained from this research lay the groundwork for developing a robust messaging platform and strategic marketing recommendations, ensuring your healthcare services connect.

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Healthcare Advertising & Media

With a comprehensive analysis of current and potential tactics, alongside a deep understanding of patients and healthcare professionals, UNANIMOUS tailors an effective media mix to achieve your healthcare advertising and communication objectives. We guide you in selecting the right channels, budgeting effectively, and making strategic media purchases across local and national healthcare markets. UNANIMOUS will craft the strategy, manage the process, and oversee the execution of your entire healthcare media and advertising campaign.

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Our Hospital & Healthcare Branding Process

We understand healthcare and recognize the unique needs of the various stakeholders, patients, providers, board members, community members, donors, foundations, and more. Here in Lincoln, Nebraska, we collaborate to develop brand strategies for growing engagement, recruiting talent, retaining talent, and increasing funding for healthcare systems and hospitals.

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UNANIMOUS Hospitals & Healthcare

Why Choose UNANIMOUS for Healthcare Brands

Located centrally in Lincoln, Nebraska, our branding agency specializes in healthcare systems and hospital branding. UNANIMOUS has collaborated with healthcare organizations to forge strong brand alignment via strategic marketing, creative design, user-friendly websites, and impactful video projects tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Known for our collaborative approach, we partner with healthcare clients across the country, delivering solutions that blend insight with impact, all aimed at achieving tangible results for your healthcare brand.

Healthcare Specialized

Informed & Experienced. 
Where healthcare expertise meets strategic focus. Our portfolio highlights a deep commitment to healthcare, showcasing successful partnerships across various healthcare sectors. We've dedicated significant effort to making meaningful impacts in healthcare, from hospitals and clinics to wellness programs and medical technology. We're eager to share examples of our healthcare-focused work and provide outstanding references.

Healthcare Aligned

Strategic & Intentional.
At our core, we are dedicated to uncovering the essence of healthcare brands. We delve deep into the healthcare world, asking the right questions and listening closely to understand your needs. We assess your brand messaging and design, using these insights to develop targeted strategies, creative designs, intuitive healthcare websites, engaging videos, and impactful results for true healthcare brand alignment.

Comprehensive Healthcare Brands

Complete & Coordinated.
Our focus is on healthcare brand alignment. From research and strategy to communication and design, we create opportunities for healthcare organizations to shine. Our team delivers strategic marketing, creative design, user-friendly web development, and compelling video storytelling, tailored to the healthcare industry. Our agency size enables us to be agile and efficient while offering complete depth of service and responsiveness.

Connected Healthcare Partners

Collaborative & Consultative.
We are your positive partner for impactful healthcare changes. Our expert team is accessible and committed to becoming a trusted extension of your healthcare organization. We establish a partnership that creates efficiencies and multiplies your organization's impact. We involve you throughout our creative process to bring unity and consensus to every project. Our strategy for success evolves as your objectives expand and your vision unfolds.

Healthcare Brand Experts

Skilled & Professional.
With over 40 years of experience, our team delivers measurable results for healthcare projects of all sizes. Our extensive experience ensures quality and provides valuable healthcare insights and effective communication strategies. We stay ahead of trends and technology, meeting the dynamic needs of healthcare clients with detail-oriented and consultative expertise.


Results & Returns.
We don't just set healthcare goals, we make them happen. We establish measurable metrics, focusing on your brand, audience, services, and competitive edge, all while considering the impact on your bottom line. We proactively review results and refine strategies, ensuring your healthcare organization's continued growth and success.

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Nebraska Hospital Association Partner

With headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Nebraska Hospital Association Services Preferred Business Partner program carefully selects organizations for partnership with the Nebraska Hospital Association and its members to advance the health of Nebraskans. UNANIMOUS has been chosen to help improve hospital and healthcare brands by providing value-added services to healthcare providers in Nebraska. Through a rigorous and deliberate vetting process, the Nebraska Hospital Association Services Preferred Business Partner Program matches issue-specific member needs with products and/or services from innovative, value-added vendor selections. Learn more about NHA Services >>>