Alivation Health

Healthcare Video Production

Alivavation Health, previously Premier Psychiatric, is a leading integrated healthcare system providing care to patients in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the surrounding communities. Alivation’s services include brain/behavioral health, primary care, and aesthetics. Alivation also has an on-site pharmacy and conducts its own clinical research studies.

Alivation partnered with UNANIMOUS to help promote its Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment. TMS is a breakthrough treatment used for depression and OCD, often used after medication and other treatment options haven’t been successful. Our creative team helped Alivation tell the story of TMS through video production. The videos explain what the treatment is and how it benefits those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

behind the scenes of the video in a healthcare facility

Video Production

UNANIMOUS recommended two videos: one patient-focused video utilizing client testimonials and a service-focused video describing what TMS is and how it helps patients. Both videos used an interview production style and included action, b-roll footage.

The goals of the project were established during the pre-production meeting. UNANIMOUS consulted with Alivation on the best way to promote patient testimonials without creating privacy issues. The video production plan was thoroughly documented to ensure a smooth production process. Each video included its own outline, a list of interview questions, b-roll shots to capture, and a schedule for the video shoot.

The video production occurred onsite at the Alivation office, where we interviewed both patients and staff. The final deliverables resulted in two impactful videos. The patient-centered video visually tells the story of TMS and how it improves patient lives and the staff-focused video highlights the expertise and passion of the team members at Alivation.

TMS Patient Testimonials

UNANIMOUS also produced a patient-focused video where actors portrayed real-life TMS patient testimonials. Using actors and actresses reduce privacy issues and ensures the patient’s name and likeness are not publicly known.