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Dialysis Center of Lincoln

Healthcare Branding, Logo Design, Website, & Video Production

DCL came to UNANIMOUS with a desire to refresh, revitalize, and rebrand. They understood the need for continuity and the power of a progressive, representative brand to match the high quality of care provided by DCL’s experienced healthcare professionals. DCL made a strategic decision to take advantage of market research in advance by conducting an employee survey. Participant results were reviewed, analyzed, and taken into consideration when developing all project components. The primary goals of the project were to develop a visual brand identity that was fresh, progressive, and reflected the quality services DCL provides and do this through a new logo design, brand messaging, brand videos, and a new website.

Dialysis Center of Lincoln Logo

Dialysis Center of Lincoln Logo

Healthcare Logo Design

The new logo creatively delineates movement and elements of filtration, which is vital for quality dialysis. The nine dots represent the multiple locations and positions DCL for the future, highlighting progressive services and an expanding team. The new brand is modern, scalable, and visually striking. The DCL rebrand was completed with a photo shoot and the distribution of awesome company swag.

Overall the experience exceeded my expectations from the initial discussion, meeting, kick-off meetings, and the final products of a new logo, brand, website, etc. The pace of the process was fast & furious, mainly due to the timelines we had for our company, and the UNANIMOUS team dug in and delivered high-quality work in a manner that resembled a truly committed partnership. The UNANIMOUS team was great to work with, and they felt like part of the DCL team from the start. This is a partnership we look to keep for years to come.

Scott Butterfield, CEO

Dialysis Center of Lincoln

Healthcare Brand Messaging

Creating a verbal brand identity with a tone and voice reflective of the company's mission was vital for consistent internal communication and external messaging. By developing strategic key messages and a strong tagline and pitch for the target audience, the foundation was built for the team at DCL to begin living their brand.

Custom Branded Healthcare Website

The UNANIMOUS web team also contributed to the DCL rebrand by developing a responsive and user-friendly website with dominant imagery and easy navigation, providing an engaging user experience. The information-rich site provides vital dialysis information for patients, caregivers, and providers. Visit the Dialysis Center of Lincoln website

Professional Recruiting Video

UNANIMOUS produced a professional recruiting video that brilliantly encapsulates the profound and rewarding journey that awaits potential hires at the Dialysis Center of Lincoln. A perfect combination of heartwarming stories and dedicated healthcare heroes in action, the video showcases the sheer impact and transformative power of their life-sustaining work. It captures the state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology they harness to provide top-notch care and their commitment to continual learning and innovation. Above all, the video underscores camaraderie, team spirit, and the deeply-held belief that they are not just treating kidney disease - they're changing lives, one dialysis at a time.