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Gold Crest Retirement

Retirement Branding & Logo Design

In a collaborative effort with Gold Crest, a comprehensive living community tailored for seniors, UNANIMOUS embarked on a journey to revitalize its brand and develop representative key messaging—the visually inviting brand and authentic messages breathe new life into Gold Crest's brand identity.

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Gold Crest Logo

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Gold Crest Logo

Retirement Rebranding

The new brand elegantly merged two elements, the 'G' and 'C,' to create a distinctive, recognizable mark. Incorporating a timeless serif font within the mark paid tribute to the organization's heritage while pairing it with a modern sans-serif wordmark symbolized a forward-looking approach, signifying Gold Crest's commitment to honoring its past and focusing on its future.

Communication & Messaging

Establishing a consistent tone and voice that resonates with sensitivity, empathy, trustworthiness, reassurance, and transparency, was vital in the context of senior care. The primary emphasis was on effectively conveying the pillars of stability, safety, and the unwavering commitment to the high-quality care that Gold Crest consistently provides. The core principle of ensuring individuals felt valued, respected, seen, and heard was at the heart of the messaging strategy.

Brand Guide

The branding gurus meticulously developed a comprehensive brand guide for the Gold Crest Retirement Community at UNANIMOUS. This invaluable resource standardizes all facets of our visual brand identity and verbal brand identity, ensuring uniformity and cohesiveness across all platforms and touchpoints. From color schemes and typography to voice and messaging, the guide serves as a blueprint for articulating the Gold Crest ethos with precision and impact. With this brand guide, we are fortifying the foundational elements that make Gold Crest an aspirational choice for retirement living, allowing us to communicate our unique value proposition more effectively than ever.