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O'Brien Landscape

Landscape Branding, Logo Design, & Web Design

O’Brien Landscape is an award-winning boutique landscaping, architectural, design, build, and maintenance firm serving Chicago and the North Shore suburbs. O’Brien is constantly pushing the envelope to be at the forefront of design and green initiatives, and this carries over to its branding, marketing, and online presence. UNANIMOUS has worked closely with O’Brien to ensure its website is connecting with its audience in new and innovative approaches like drone footage and dynamic before and after galleries.

Website Design Objectives

  • Update O'Brien's existing logo consistent with their quality reputation and respecting their 20-plus years in business
  • Design an engaging website to attract potential customers 
  • Develop a powerful website to drive sales leads
  • Create before & after galleries to showcase work
  • Provide a cutting-edge project explorer that also creates printable sales sheets
  • Ensure desktop and mobile compatibility
  • Enhance search engine optimization
  • Provide a robust content management system
  • Create workflow and site management efficiencies


Website Design Results

  • A strong visual brand identity that leverages the old logo and provides a modern, classic flair
  • A rich website user experience providing inspiration and information with browsable, searchable video and photo project galleries
  • Direct mail, email, and social media marketing campaigns focused on driving web traffic
  • Dynamic marketing materials include a corporate brochure, sales sheet, sketch pad, business cards, and much more
  • Website traffic up 22% compared to the previous year
  • Average 3 pages per visit, and 2 minutes 19 seconds on site
  • 37% of traffic is mobile
  • Bounce decreased by 20%

UNANIMOUS is a super talented bunch, and we are so pleased with the work they have done for us with branding our company. Additionally, the customer service and timely response to support requests have been tremendous.

James O'Brien - Owner & Landscape Architect

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Brand & Logo Development

A logo needs to be engaging, memorable, and appropriate for your brand, but it also needs to function across various platforms. O’Brien’s previous logo fit the bill for most applications but fell short for print and apparel. UNANIMOUS redesigned the logo to give it a modern appearance and greater usability. The new logo was a huge success internally and with clients and led to greater recognition through apparel use and marketing collateral.

An ID kit was designed using recycled paper fitting perfectly with O’Brien’s dedication to sustainability and landscaping background. The new logo design also helped steer the direction of marketing collateral like corporate brochures and specialty service brochures.

Branded Recruitment Flyer

How do you attract the best employees and get their attention? With a fun flyer that captures the essence of your company. UNANIMOUS illustrated and designed a recruitment flyer for O’Brien with a tongue-in-cheek approach featuring trees and shrubs as landscape workers. The flyer was placed in local publications and distributed to key touch points. A template version of the file was also created to allow O’Brien staff to easily update as new employment opportunities opened.

landscaping recruitment flyer

Landscaping Website Design & Development

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