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Architecture Software Branding & Graphic Design

dRofus is a software company specializing in providing an integrated planning and data management tool for the global building industry. As an annual exhibitor at a large software conference, dRofus' goal is to promote itself to targeted potential customers, CEOs, and other key decision-makers in attendance among the 10,000 professionals at the conference. UNANIMOUS worked with dRofus on a number of trade show initiatives to help promote special events in conjunction with the conference.

Marketing Objectives

  • Create unique passes or tickets that felt exclusive and high-end for VIPs
  • Design it with dRofus branding
  • Get recipients excited to attend dRofus' event while feeling important
  • Make it so cool the dRofus team is thrilled to hand out the passes

Marketing Results

  • 97 of the 100 VIP pass recipients attended the dRofus event
  • dRofus gained 18 new leads, ultimately resulting in 6 new contracts (the software leases for an average of $80,000/month)
  • VIPs commented about the quality of the metal lanyards and the desire to keep them post-event.
  • The dRofus team received many comments and inquiries about how to get a lanyard.

The entire team loved the passes and the branding on them. We plan on using similar VIP passes for future key events.

David Patera, Managing Director, North American Division

construction software metal event vip pass

Branded Metal VIP Event Pass

UNANIMOUS partnered with dRofus to design a high-end, one-of-a-kind VIP pass to distribute at an annual conference. UNANIMOUS researched options for VIP passes that would stand out and feel exclusive and ultimately recommended laser-cut metal lanyards with 4-color screen printing. The metal lanyard looked and felt high-end and was wearable, serving as a branding mechanism as well as a pass to DRofus’ private party.

As a cool wearable, the metal lanyard increased the likelihood of a CEO wearing it around the conference while promoting dRofus. The dRofus team hand-delivered the VIP passes to key decision-makers at the conference, adding a level of exclusivity to the event. The distinctive material also made the lanyard something to keep after the event.

construction software event tradeshow booth

Branded Tradeshow Display

A large 20' x 10' display was designed and created to promote the brand, as well as flyers, email announcements, social media posts, and promotional items for handouts. UNANIMOUS designed a unique invitation dRofus could hand deliver to high-potential customers. A coaster invitation was an ideal medium to highlight dRofus’ private party at The Venetian, as well as an opportunity to drive Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Porsches at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Of the 500 coasters printed and dispersed, 400 people used the invitation to access dRofus' private event. This was great exposure for dRofus to showcase its latest software and open doors to new clients.

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