Watts Electric

Construction Video Production & Photography

Watts Electric, an electric utility company in Waverly, Nebraska, is a family-owned and operated electrical contractor with over 100 employees. The company is known for being incredibly diverse, with specialty skills in traffic signals, roadway and ornamental lighting, high mast towers and signage, airport lighting, and much more. Watts Electric approached UNANIMOUS to develop a brand and employee recruitment video and capture action photography for future marketing strategy needs.

Electrician looking over powerlines

Professional Video Production

Watts Electric aimed to ensure the brand video showcased its diverse service offerings, while the employee recruitment video was designed to inspire individuals to explore new career opportunities.

Following the planning stage, which involved crafting the brand video narration, conducting interviews, and capturing dynamic action footage, UNANIMOUS diligently delivered a comprehensive set of video and photo assets to the Watts Electric team for integration onto their website and corresponding social media platforms.

Employee Recruitment Video Production

In today's competitive job market, attracting top talent is more challenging than ever. Employee recruiting videos are a powerful tool to showcase the organizational culture, benefits, and opportunities for growth, humanize your brand, and make a memorable impact on prospective candidates.