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RVR Bank

Bank Rebranding, Logo Design, & Video

First State Bank and Trust in Fremont, NE, in collaboration with UNANIMOUS, embarked on a transformative bank rebranding journey. The decision to rebrand was influenced by their merger with Two Rivers Bank. Both organizations sought a fresh name and brand that would authentically represent their shared vision and values. UNANIMOUS was entrusted with the task of developing a distinctive brand that embodied these core principles while ensuring trademark availability.

RVR Bank Business Card Design

Bank Brand Naming

UNANIMOUS invested extensive time and effort in market research and exploration of brand names that not only captured the essence of both banks but also satisfied the legal requirements for trademark registration. This meticulous process was crucial to creating a solid foundation for the rebrand.

Bank Re-Branding Research

In addition to the trademark availability research, the team conducted comprehensive interviews with employees from both Two Rivers Bank and First State Bank & Trust. They also sought the insights of community members who had a stake in the bank's future. These interviews were instrumental in gaining a deeper understanding of both organization's values, history, and aspirations. They provided valuable input and feedback, allowing UNANIMOUS to tailor the rebrand to resonate with the employees and the communities they serve.

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Bank Verbal Identity & Communication

With the bank name chosen, UNANIMOUS's creative teams set to work on developing a verbal identity that thoughtfully communicated the vision and mission of the unified banks. Careful consideration was given to crafting bank messaging that effectively targeted key products and services, ensuring clear and compelling messages for the stakeholders.


The visual identity of the rebrand played a pivotal role in uniting the distinct elements of both banks' individual brands. UNANIMOUS artfully blended these elements into a single, coherent mark. The visual identity not only reflects the banks' rich histories but also points towards an innovative and exciting future.


Brand Launch Video

The UNANIMOUS video team was instrumental in creating a dynamic and captivating brand launch video. This video served as a powerful tool to unveil the new brand internally and to the public. It captured the essence of the rebrand, effectively conveying the bank’s commitment to its values and customers.