AI Technology Commercial Video & Photography

Altumint, a technology company headquartered in Lanham, Maryland, is renowned for pioneering AI-driven technologies, precisely Automated Vehicle Recognition and Automated Traffic Enforcement. These innovations aim to revolutionize traffic enforcement, enhance public and private safety, and optimize business operations, creating a safer world.

Altumint engaged the services of the UNANIMOUS team to produce both a brand video and a testimonial video. The brand video aimed to articulate the fundamental aspects of who Altumint is, what they do, where they operate, and why their innovative technologies matter. The testimonial video sought to spotlight Altumint's collaborative endeavors with law enforcement, leadership in education, and other public safety entities.

Man in front of utility truck

Video Production

During the video pre-production phase, the UNANIMOUS video production team collaborated with Altumint’s leadership to define goals and key messaging points for both the brand and testimonial videos

Altumint sought the expertise of a seasoned video production team to navigate the logistical challenges associated with such a substantial production in two different states.

The UNANIMOUS video production crew traveled to Eustis, Florida, and Lanham, Maryland, for the respective shoots. Following the conclusion of each filming session, the team returned to Lincoln, Nebraska, where they skillfully edited the footage and ultimately delivered two compelling videos.

Customer Testimonial - Eustis, Florida

Testimonial videos are a great way to provide honest and unscripted feedback about products, services, initiatives, or company culture. Equipped with this knowledge, the UNANIMOUS video production team felt potential clients could benefit from hearing success stories surrounding the technology. Chief Capri, Police Chief of the Eustis Police Department, was more than happy to share his positive experience with Altumint.