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Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP)

Utilities Branding, Logo Design, Marketing, & Web Design

Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) is a coalition of four organizations serving nearly 200 Midwest and Rocky Mountain communities. They bring together energy professionals with similar needs to create a synergy of support and resources. They help municipalities ensure responsible, safe, continuous quality service to those who depend on them. This project included rebranding for NMPP Energy, NMPP, MEAN, and NPGA brands. The NMPP brand architecture needed important clarification. The UNANIMOUS team completed a verbal brand identity to include a value proposition, brand promise, key messages, and direction for tone and voice. They also completed NMPP’s visual brand identity to include logo concepts, a brand guide, and brand architecture. Websites were designed and developed for NMPP Energy, NMPP, MEAN, and NPGA.

NMPP Brand Architecture Design

Brand architecture is a critical component of any successful multi-brand strategy. By creating a brand hierarchy, we create a suite of products or services that are connected and aligned. A cohesive brand architecture helps to clearly communicate the brand's value, purpose, and offerings to consumers, fostering a comprehensive understanding and a consistent brand experience. It also facilitates efficient brand management and aids in leveraging equity from one brand to another. NMPP's branded house strategy allows for all products or services to share a common brand identity. This reinforces brand recognition and loyalty by capitalizing on the reputation of the main brand. It streamlines marketing efforts, resulting in cost efficiency, and ensures a uniform brand perception across all offerings.

UNANIMOUS staff members were very responsive and detailed throughout the process, and made the experience engaging and fun.

Beth Ackland

ACE Public Alliance for Community Energy

Fantastic communication and customer service. I very much appreciated the UNANIMOUS team's willingness to meet our project needs as well as go above and beyond our expectations.

Kara Hunt

NMPP Energy / ACE

NMPP Web Design & Development

NMPP partnered with UNANIMOUS to enhance its website presence and create a cohesive multi-site visitor experience. To create efficiencies, the UNANIMOUS team designed and developed five individual Drupal website properties utilizing a shared codebase. The NMPP website is AA ADA-compliant and offers members various resources and information regarding contact information, services, careers, news, and events.