Meeting ADA Compliance Standards Like a Pro

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Website accessibility is important. Actually, it’s the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination based on disability, and that now includes websites. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are organized into three categories: Level A, which sets the standard for the most basic web accessibility features; level AA deals with the biggest and most common barriers for disabled users; and Level AAA, which is the highest and most complex level of web accessibility.

To make things easy, we’ll break down the four principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines into the simple acronym POUR.


This means that all content on your website should be seen or heard in various different forms. Users should be able to perceive the information you provide with at least one of their senses. For example, if a person is using a screen reader to access your website, you will want to use alternative text, or alt-text, on any images. Alt-text allows for the use of descriptive words to paint the picture in the user’s mind if they aren’t able to see it. Our web developers can program your website to ensure that the alt-text on your page is accurate and succinct so it is easily accessible to all users.


The web designers at UNANIMOUS can help ensure your website functions properly, the interface can be seamlessly navigated, and buttons with links can be understood by assistive technologies. We’ll thoroughly scan your web host so it accurately describes where any links redirect to be effectively communicated to the user. If someone needs to navigate your website with only a keyboard, we can assist with that too.


Make your content readable and straightforward so it can be easily understood by your users. Excess jargon and confusing layouts only distract from your content and can cause frustration both by people using assistive technologies and those who are not. The web developers at UNANIMOUS can ensure your website will be understood by all users and accompanying technologies.


Having a robust website means ensuring it is compliant with any technology that your customer may be using to navigate your site, and assistive technologies can easily read it. The web developers at UNANIMOUS can ensure your HTML is up-to-date and equipped with the proper tags, ensuring smooth navigation for everyone.

ADA compliance can sound difficult and daunting, but at UNANIMOUS, we’ve got you covered. By having a perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust website for all of your users, you are making life a little easier while simultaneously expanding your audience. Need help navigating the ins and outs of ADA compliance? Let our web development experts help!

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