image of big fancy shower with airmada dry system installed
airmada logo design

AIRMADA Drying Solutions

Commercial Product Marketing, Design, & Video

AIRMADA Drying Solutions, a well-known company located in Lincoln, Nebraska, partnered with UNANIMOUS for modern marketing materials and premium video production for their built-in shower drying system. The AIRMADA system is a clean, straightforward solution to wet and moldy showers. The AIRMADA AirJet Shower System and AirPocket Door utilize innovative hidden air jets for drying your shower space. This makes cleaning and drying hands-free while virtually eradicating mold and ensuring a healthier bathroom environment.

Videography & 3D Rendering

The video team at UNANIMOUS created two product videos to display at a tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. These videos highlight the AirJet Drying system and the AirPocket Door. The challenge was to showcase AIRMADA’s technology pre-installed. Our team designed and created a specialty 3D render to show how the systems work and look inside your bathroom walls.

Airmada - AirPocket Door

Airmada - Air Jet Drying System

Marketing Brochures & Flyer Design

UNANIMOUS also teamed up with Airmada, and we put together a comprehensive spread of marketing collateral. Flyers, brochures, sales materials, and many other documents, including manuals, instructions, warranties, and pricing sheets. To make things easier for Airmada in the future, we crafted versatile templates to ensure consistency across all their print materials.

Branded Exhibit Design

UNANIMOUS designed a pair of engaging, branded tradeshow displays to showcase Airmada's innovative home products effectively. We considered practicality and style, ensuring the exhibit looked great but was also easy to assemble and compact for transport. Notably, the professional presentation was meticulously aligned with the rest of Airmada's materials to maintain consistency.

Branded Exhibit Design
Product Tradeshow Marketing

Product Tradeshow Marketing

The tradeshow displays incorporated engaging visuals, strategic selling points, and unique illustrations to effectively showcase the product. Featured prominently on these displays were trackable QR codes. Visitors who engaged by scanning these codes were directed to specialized website landing pages. There, they could access videos, in-depth product feature descriptions, fill out lead forms, and more.

Branded Apparel With Company Logo

UNANIMOUS helped to design Airmada’s branded apparel which is a key branding element in today's consumer-driven world. Beyond clothing, branded apparel serves as a powerful means of marketing, company culture, and brand pride. For businesses, branded apparel becomes a walking advertisement, creating a sense of brand loyalty and recognition among potential customers. Additionally, the quality and reputation associated with branded apparel instill confidence in consumers, ensuring a higher level of satisfaction with their purchase.