Murray Custom Homes

Construction Video Production

Murray Custom Homes (Murray) is an award-winning luxury home builder in Lincoln, Nebraska. They offer new home construction, restoration, and roofing services. The Murray team takes pride in providing truly custom and unique architectural features with superior customer service. 

Professional Video Production

Murray Custom Homes worked with UNANIMOUS to produce a promotional video series highlighting their custom homes and roofing services. The videos were a component of Murray’s “I Choose Murray” marketing campaign and were distributed and promoted on Hulu, broadcast TV, and social media.

UNANIMOUS collaborated with the Murray marketing team throughout the pre-production process by reviewing scripts, developing storyboards, and helping select video talent and locations.  

The custom, luxury homes built by Murray provided a perfect backdrop for this video series. Each video was filmed on location at a Murray home, with actual customers serving as the on-camera characters. A professional voiceover artist was hired to provide an authentic and relatable narration for each video.

murray custom homes video shoot behind the scenes

Murray Roofing Video 1

Murray Roofing Video 2

Man filming actor
Woman smiling at the camera
Man filming actor
Man smiling at the camera