flower mound ranch brand logo on leather
flower mound ranch brand logo

Flower Mound Ranch

Hunting Logo Design & Brand Identity

Flower Mound Ranch (FMR) is embarking on a new and unique venture, bringing a luxury upland bird hunting experience to Eastern Nebraska. As a high-end, members-only, corporate retreat and conference venue offering tailor-made guided hunts, FMR initially partnered with UNANIMOUS to develop a verbal brand identity and visual brand identity to build a strong communication platform and create consistent, cohesive messaging for all marketing.

Verbal & Visual Brand Identity Design

Careful consideration was given to accurately creating the tone and voice for Flower Mound Ranch’s messaging. Capturing the vision of the management team helped generate specific key communication points and a powerful brand promise. Utilizing purposeful language helped set the stage for a memorable brand and a luxury persona.

A Versatile Outdoor Brand

The design team went to work to create several intriguing and distinct logo options, all seeking to tell a story, replicate well, and showcase industry style. The approved logo design exudes rugged luxury and embodies the mission of FMR. Additionally, an updated color pallet detailed in the new brand guide completed the brand identity package. The visual brand identity generated excitement and momentum for a successful brand launch and lodge groundbreaking.

“Working with the UNANIMOUS team has been the greatest part of starting up our company so far! The entire UNANIMOUS team is so creative, helpful, and fun to work with. We’re very lucky we found them. They’re getting us off on the right foot!”

Chelsea Liscum

Flower Mound Ranch

Hunting Brand Collateral Design

Once the verbal brand identity and visual brand identity were complete, marketing collateral was designed and printed to include: business cards, email signatures, social graphics, letterhead, and leather membership folders with inserts. As membership opportunities arose quickly, a tradeshow booth was also designed and delivered for a spring event.

Custom Hunting Website Design & Development

Developing a website for a new organization is a unique and challenging process. The UNANIMOUS web team focused on introducing and positioning the new FMR brand and structuring the site to ensure it can grow and evolve as the organization grows. They capitalized on the verbal brand identity and visual brand identity created for FMR to produce a clean, classy, and user-friendly website design. With the end goals of creating an engaging user experience and building memberships, the website also provided an immediate impression representative of the first-class amenities and experience Flower Mound Ranch will provide.

Flower Mound Ranch Brand Standards & Guidelines

UNANIMOUS created a brand guide for the FMR hunting retreat to encapsulate the essence of their immersive outdoor experience. These guidelines serve as the baseline of the FMR brand identity, meticulously defining the visual brand identity and verbal brand identity elements that distinguish the hunting retreat. By documenting these standards, we create a cohesive and compelling narrative that attracts like-minded individuals and fosters a community committed to the pastime.