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Vision Maker Media

Native American Nonprofit Branding & Logo Design

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Vision Maker Media works with Native producers to develop, produce, and share Native stories for all media, including television and radio. Vision Maker first worked with UNANIMOUS to establish a new name, identity, and branding. UNANIMOUS also helped the organization with brand position research, identity kit, marketing materials, social media, and website design and development.

Brand & Marketing Objectives

  • Update the organization’s name and identity to better represent the Native American population while establishing a firm foundation for growth
  • Create a more user-friendly website that showcases the rich library of videos, articles, stories, and more in support of its mission
  • Increase visibility and engagement with the target audience

Brand & Marketing Results

  • Native American Public Telecommunications rebranded to Vision Maker Media
  • New name and identity led to greater brand recognition and comprehension
  • 110,000 website visitors in the last year
  • Website traffic from over 200 countries

We envision a world changed and healed by understanding Native stories and the public conversations they generate.

Vision Maker Media

vision maker media logo

Branding & Logo Development

Vision Maker Media, an updated name and brand formerly known as Native American Public Telecommunications, desired a mark that was consistent with their heritage while representing all three areas of the organization.

Although UNANIMOUS developed three options, the bird logo was ultimately selected by the board of directors and our agency to best represent the organization. The use of an eagle is strong in the Native American Culture, viewed as messengers; the usage of this animal is an obvious fit for a communications-based organization. The subtle use of negative space translates to added depth of the mark while illustrating the “V” and “M” for Vision Maker. 

Alternative Brand Concepts

We developed three unique logo combinations – each one with a very distinct, versatile and unique story.  The typeface on each uses a classic serif font with clean edges while incorporating a san-serif font to give a contemporary feel to the mark. 

vision maker media logo alternates
anniversary branding logo

40th Anniversary Branding

In conjunction with Vision Maker’s 40th anniversary and annual film festival, UNANIMOUS designed a 40th-anniversary logo that integrated with the current brand and helped to promote the anniversary throughout all of the materials.

anniversary logo design
anniversary logo design on shirt
non-profit annual report design

Branded Annual Report

UNANIMOUS worked with Vision Maker to create a stewardship mailer highlighting the organization’s mission, prestigious awards, and future goals. The gate-fold design featured testimonials from Natives and an infographic with key stats.

Vision Maker Media Proclamation

To help build awareness for Vision Maker Media and the Film Festival, UNANIMOUS developed a Proclamation Request that was approved by Nebraska’s Governor’s Office. Careful research was also done on Vision Maker’s brand voice, reading and reviewing materials, emails, and websites to draft language in the Proclamation that aligned with their mission. On March 9, 2016, an official proclamation signing ceremony for “Native Americans in Film Day” on March 11 was held at the state capitol with Governor Pete Ricketts.

proclamation photo
non-profit website design

Website Design & Development

Vision Maker Media has a rich library of videos, articles, stories, and more that are shared online through a variety of networks. The organization's website features taxonomy (tagging of terms) and a thoughtful navigation design to make the accessing and sorting of content increasingly simple.

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