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Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce

Branding and Website Design

Seeking a verbal and visual identity that exemplifies their mission, the Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce and the UNANIMOUS team collaborated to create a true brand identity for the organization. Serving local businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals wanting to capitalize on networking, educational, and engagement opportunities, the Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce provides a collective voice for a thriving Nebraska community.

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Verbal Identity – Internal Communication

UNANIMOUS embarked on a journey to create a narrative that authentically communicated The Chamber’s mission, vision, and values. We were striving to develop a verbal identity that articulated their purpose while clearly explaining opportunities. From there, we identified key traits for their brand tone and voice, ensuring their communications would be welcoming, focused, inspiring, and discerning. The internal communication set the foundation for the external messaging. 

Verbal Identity – External Messaging

Externally, our goal was to position The Chamber as a trusted advocate and networking partner for local businesses, non-profits, and individuals seeking growth opportunities. We highlighted their role in the community through authentic and memorable brand messages. Utilizing their internal acronym HACC, representative descriptors captured the organization's primary objectives: Harmonizing, Attracting, Connecting, and Cultivating. UNANIMOUS then refined The Chamber's key messages into a concise brand pitch and memorable tagline.

holdrege area chamber verbal id

Visual Identity

Creating a visual identity for the Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce was an exciting opportunity to visually represent its mission and values, which were fine-tuned when creating the verbal identity. The UNANIMOUS team started by designing a mark that symbolized collaboration and community. The mark features interconnected shapes and vibrant colors, representing the diverse and interconnected nature of the Holdrege community. The use of negative space provided an opportunity to showcase the Holdrege H. 

The bright, intriguing palette reflects the Chamber's welcoming and inclusive goals, and the modern and clean fonts convey professionalism and a forward-thinking mindset. In addition, the UNANIMOUS team designed brand elements such as business cards, letterheads, and social media graphics that were cohesive with the visual identity and recognizable across all platforms.

Website Design & Development

Developing a new website for The Chamber was a pivotal step in refreshing its brand identity. UNANIMOUS created a modern and dynamic website serving as a valuable resource hub and a digital representation of the Chamber's mission to foster connection, support, and prosperity within the Holdrege community. We approached the design process to showcase the Chamber's offerings and immerse visitors in the community's vibrant spirit. We seamlessly integrated the new brand elements and crafted a visually engaging website with intuitive navigation and responsive design, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices. Emphasizing functionality, we integrated features like event calendars, membership portals, and resource libraries, empowering members and visitors to engage with the Chamber's initiatives and offerings actively. 

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