Gothenburg Health

A fixture in Gothenburg, Nebraska for nearly 50 years, Gothenburg Health is committed to providing exceptional healthcare. Recently the hospital began a significant renovation, upgrade of facilities, and a major rebranding. UNANIMOUS partnered with Gothenburg Health on communication strategy, branding, marketing, and website development. The new brand reflects the hospital’s commitment to being the best in its field and in the region.

Brand & Marketing Objectives

  • Build a communication strategy to identify and outline key initiatives
  • Create logo and branding that represents its rich history of staying ahead of the needs of the community
  • Provide a style guide and recommendations for implementing the new brand across all communication platforms
  • Create a tagline that articulates the new direction
  • Design and develop a website with the new branding

Brand & Marketing Results

  • The board voted unanimously on the new branding and tagline
  • Implementation of the branding across all pertinent outlets
  • Website Analytics:
    • Over 2 min average visit duration
    • Over 3 pages per visitor session
    • Average of 2,000 visits per month (Gothenburg pop. only 3,500)
    • Visits from 107 communities in Nebraska

“The Gothenburg Health name and brand better represents who we are, a place for keeping people well and better managing their health. This is a very exciting milestone in our history.”

– CEO Mick Brant

Marketing Strategy & Branding

UNANIMOUS first conducted a communication strategy to evaluate existing branding and inventory strengths, competition, market position, and material audits. The communication strategy helped to establish a clear direction for the branding, tagline, as well as overall implementation. Separately, Gothenburg’s board agreed to a name change Gothenburg Memorial Hospital to Gothenburg Health.

Tagline development needed to reinforce the forward-thinking approach of Gothenburg’s new market position. A handful of taglines were vetted and Well Ahead was ultimately chosen. The tagline is extremely versatile and lends itself to several positive, forward-thinking interpretations.

A brand style guide was created outlining logo usage with and without the tagline and across several platforms. Logo lockups were recommended as well for specific areas of practice.


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