Bank of the Valley

A Nebraska-based community bank with five area branches, Bank of the Valley partnered with UNANIMOUS to reposition its brand. The 30-year-old organization was experiencing growth, yet its identity was not keeping up with the bank’s positive progress. UNANIMOUS created a comprehensive brand strategy, including a new logo, tagline, messaging, identity kit, indoor and outdoor signage, and a new website.

Branding & Marketing Objectives

  • Create a fresh, memorable brand 
  • Engage current and pontential customers
  • Update the website’s brand and increase user friendliness 
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly website
  • Equip their internal team with a robust CMS that is easy to manage and update

Branding & Marketing Results

  • Fresh, vibrant brand reflective of the bank’s modern practices
  • Clean, organized website design focused on the user 
  • Average time on site has increased by 56% to nearly 3 minutes per visit
  • Total page views are up by 40%
  • 30% of traffic is from mobile visitors

Branding Development

Branding development began with a discovery meeting — with Bank of The Valley’s key stakeholders — to shed light on the bank’s history, target audiences, strengths, challenges, market position, vision for the future, and competition. The onsite meeting also provided an opportunity to assess and audit logo usage at the branch.

The new logo merged simplification with sophistication while staying true to the bank’s vision. A fresh, vibrant green as a primary color represented agriculture, growth, and banking. A “V” logomark was a nod to the valley and agriculture while providing a subtle landscape perspective. Modern typography was chosen to illustrate the bank’s commitment to forward-thinking, sensible banking.

Logo consistency: UNANIMOUS created a style guide for the new logo that defined the overall brand architecture, logo usage, color palette, typography, and other graphic elements related to the brand. The guide is beneficial by formally outlining appropriate use of the logo across various application including receipts, signage, advertising, ATMs, and more.

“UNANIMOUS took time to get to know us as an organization and then crafted a bold and fresh new logo and identity that uniquely communicates who we are and what we do. We are now proud to display our logo and to communicate our identity in all the communities that we serve. I look forward to continuing our partnership with UNANIMOUS and would strongly recommend them to others.”

-David McPhillips, Vice President.

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