Farmers Mutual of Nebraska

Insurance Commercial Video Production

Farmers Mutual of Nebraska (FMNE) has provided dependable, affordable insurance coverage for over 130 years. It serves clients in Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota and offers various insurance services, including auto, farm, home, and more.

Commercial Video Shoot

For three consecutive years, FMNE has partnered with UNANIMOUS to produce promotional videos highlighting their insurance services. The primary goal of the videos was to generate brand awareness, positioning FMNE as a premiere insurance provider for agriculture and rural customers. The videos focused on the holistic farming lifestyle while highlighting new generations of farmers.

For each commercial video project, UNANIMOUS first worked with FMNE to develop a compelling narrative message. This narration then drove the visual direction of each video. The original, scripted footage was captured on location for each video segment. UNANIMOUS produced detailed video storyboards and shot lists to ensure an efficient review and completion process.  

UNANIMOUS enjoyed collaborating with the FMNE team on these video projects and finding creative ways to promote their insurance services to new and existing customers.

insurance video shoot on a farm


In 2021, UNANIMOUS produced a thirty-second commercial video for FMNE featuring an authentic multi-generational farming family. Seeking to capture a genuine workday on the farm, no talent was hired. Instead, an eastern Nebraska family graciously volunteered to be filmed for the commercial. The UNANIMOUS video production crew traveled to Lyons, Nebraska, for a 10-hour shoot-production day to capture all-action footage throughout the day.

2021 - 30 Second Commercial

2021 - 15 Second Commercial


UNANIMOUS partnered with FMNE in 2020 to produce two separate commercials to highlight the various services FMNE offers. The first commercial focused on farm insurance, while the second put more emphasis on home and auto insurance. All action footage was captured during a two-day shoot.

2020 - Farm Insurance Commercial

2020 - Home and Auto Insurance Commercial

The UNANIMOUS team is talented and very easy to work with. Not only do they listen to our needs, but they come up with creative solutions to help move the needle. Their pricing is extremely reasonable, and the end products are top-notch. From video services to traditional/digital advertising and web development, they've stepped up to the challenge. I'd recommend just about any business looking for a straightforward and talented team to reach out to the U-crew.

Jess Kinser, Vice President of Communications & Marketing


Behind the Scenes

Take a peek behind the curtain with behind-the-scenes shots from our video shoot. These candid moments showcase the dedication, precision, and camaraderie of our team as we produce videos that resonate with our clients' needs. These photos not only offer a glimpse into our creative process but also ensure your peace of mind is more than just a promise—it's our passion.

agriculture video shoot near grain truck
agriculture video shoot near grain silo
video producer and farmer
video team holding camera
insurance agent and farm family
video project group photo