Sierra Bornschlegl


Sierra Bornschlegl, a graduate of Southeast Community College with a major in Graphic Design and Media Arts, first joined the UNANIMOUS team as an intern. Recognizing her creative talent, UNANIMOUS offered her a position with the graphic design team following her internship. She is an enthusiastic learner who possesses a deep interest in all aspects of design and a strong desire to focus on branding, identity design, and social media marketing. 

Sierra has a strong work ethic and collaborative mindset, resulting in her making the dean’s list and earning the outstanding graphic design student of the year. She is an active listener who is passionate about people and learning their unique stories.

While enjoying the outdoors, Sierra finds adventure in many different sports including longboarding, camping, paddle boarding, snowboarding, and playing spikeball or volleyball. She spends most of her nights serving in church ministries throughout the week and growing in her faith daily. 

Sierra Bornschlegl - creative & design