Uriah Rittenhouse


Uriah is a developer on our website development team, where he turns clients’ website visions into reality. He brings his passion for technology and software development to each project to ensure every website functions and performs at its best. Uriah also has a passion for design, creative writing, and storytelling.

Twelve years ago, Uriah took a career turn and went back to school at Southeast Community College, where he graduated with a degree in design, multimedia, and web design. He brings over 12 years of experience in various website knowledge, including eCommerce, UX, design thinking, and website development.

Uriah has learned over the years to dig in, work hard, and that communication, creativity, and empathy are the keys to success. He’s been married to his wife Vicki for nine years and enjoys spending time with her, their pets, and working on home renovations and craft projects.

Uriah Rittenhouse - web design & development