Kurt Naeve


Kurt likes to build things, which is great for UNANIMOUS clients and the web development team. His willingness to push the envelope building websites results in feature-rich user experiences and happy designers. Kurt isn’t your typical Web Developer.

This rock-star-jack-of-all-trades’ career path wound through sound engineering, automotive technology, and then a degree in computer technology. Kurt brings over fifteen years of information technology and web development experience, with past roles in the marketing, automotive and healthcare industries.

Kurt spends his free time with his daughter Kyra and wife Cheri and riding anything that involves a board. Hobbies include playing guitar, working on motorcycles, and building/fixing things in his garage. It’s likely he’s developing some kind of super-duper, high-tech, electronic, space-age, cyber-magical device that will change the planet... or at least do something cool.

Kurt Naeve - web design & development