Calen Middendorf

Digital Marketing Strategist

Calen Middendorf is a dynamic addition to the UNANIMOUS marketing team, joining us as a digital marketing strategist in the spring of 2023. With a business and graphic design background, Calen is passionate about engaging brands across digital landscapes.

In his role, Calen leads digital advertising and PPC for our clients. He is Google-certified and well-versed in setting up and managing PPC campaigns. Calen also serves as a driving force behind our comprehensive social media strategies.

Calen brings innovative solutions to marketing challenges and is enthusiastic about digital marketing projects. He is committed to continuous learning and stays current with industry trends. Calen enjoys collaborating with others to achieve marketing and design goals and brings visual storytelling to life.

Calen likes to work out, spend time with his black cat (Salem), play video games, and attend car shows/events with his friends when he's not working. He values a fulfilling life and cherishes spending quality time with his family while maintaining a positive outlook.

Calen Middendorf - marketing & advertising