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Rivers Metal Products

Industrial Web Design, Marketing, & Video Production

Rivers Metal Products, a leading industry player in metal fabrication, made sparks fly while forging a strategic marketing partnership with UNANIMOUS. Together we crafted a comprehensive brand strategy that included a new website, digital marketing campaigns, and an immersive video. With an integrated marketing campaign in place, Rivers Metal was able to extend visibility, increase awareness, and tell the company story in a way that provided clarity to its unique abilities in the competitive metal fabrication marketplace.

Commercial Video Production

UNANIMOUS produced an impactful video, narrating the brand's story and manufacturing prowess, leaving a lasting impression on viewers across various online platforms. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Rivers Metal Products and UNANIMOUS, the company now stands at the forefront of its industry, setting new standards for excellence and reaping the rewards of a compelling digital presence.

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Google Ads Campaign Management

UNANIMOUS also engineered an engaging digital marketing strategy tailored to target Rivers Metal Products' target audience and drive organic traffic, generating traffic from both Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads. Traffic to the Rivers Metal Products website was boosted, resulting in a significant increase in sales leads, calls, and inquiries.

Professional Website Design & Development

Rivers Metal Products' online presence was elevated by crafting a professional website that explores innovation and showcases the company's expertise in metalwork. This user-friendly platform captivates visitors with its seamless navigation and visually compelling design.