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Nebraska Hematology Oncology

Healthcare Branding & Website Design

Nebraska Hematology Oncology provides comprehensive cancer care and treatment for patients across the state. NHO partnered with UNANIMOUS to elevate its brand identity and online presence. This collaboration involved developing a comprehensive brand identity, and a new website. The process resulted in a transformative brand that authentically represents NHO's expertise and compassionate care, positioning them for continued growth and success in delivering exceptional cancer treatment services.


Healthcare Rebranding

The updated Nebraska Hematology Oncology logo represents the progress and modernity that are integrated into their cancer treatments. The use of a deep blue color palette conveys expertise and a compassionate spirit. Branded apparel and marketing collateral brought their new identity to life, instilling pride while enhancing brand experiences for staff and patients alike.

Healthcare Brand Architecture

A strong brand architecture ensures clarity and consistency across an organization's services, enhancing trust and recognition within the community. It also simplifies visual representation, strengthens brand identity, and facilitates growth and expansion.

Healthcare Verbal Identity

To establish Nebraska Hematology Oncology's distinct brand identity, messaging was developed to capture their warm, confident, genuine, and empathetic personality. The messaging strategy was focused on positioning  Nebraska's leading independent cancer care provider renowned for personalized, compassionate treatment plans. Key messages highlight their experienced healthcare team's expertise in developing thorough, life-improving treatment courses tailored to each patient's unique needs. The new tagline "On your side. By your side." resonates their steadfast commitment to supporting patients through every step of their journey. 

Healthcare Brand Guide

A comprehensive brand guide was created for Nebraska Hematology Oncology to ensure consistent and impactful brand implementation. This thorough guidelines document outlines the strategic use of the refreshed logo system, brand colors, typography, imagery styles, and brand voice across all touchpoints. 

Healthcare Website Design

Elevating Nebraska Hematology Oncology's digital presence was a critical component of its comprehensive rebranding initiative. The new website seamlessly translates their revitalized brand identity into an intuitive, user-centric online experience. With a responsive design, engaging visuals, and streamlined navigation, the website provides a robust hub for accessing vital patient resources, provider information, and educational content. Built in Drupal, the website ensures NHO can maintain a compelling, up-to-date online brand experience.

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