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ZEVAC is a methane mitigation product and technology company aimed at achieving emission reduction goals. ZEVAC partnered with UNANIMOUS to help with an overall brand alignment strategy, which included naming, brand architecture, verbal identity, visual identity, video, web design, tradeshow displays, digital advertising, and various other marketing tactics and initiatives.

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ZEVAC (Formerly TPE Midstream)

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Renaming & Brand Logo development

Previously known as TPE Midstream, the organization was challenged with a convoluted name and a less-than-modern appearance. UNANIMOUS suggested using their recognizable and patented Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor product name as the parent brand name. The ZEVAC® name is already unique and memorable, and it provided a platform to launch future products and service lines under the umbrella of the well-established, patented name. A verbal identity was developed to define internal communications for recruitment and retention, as well as external messaging to clearly communicate "what to say and to whom," ultimately driving all marketing efforts and generating trust in the industry. The newly designed logo is modern, memorable, and clean. The new brand uses arrows to illustrate the input and output characteristics of filtration while providing an iconic negative space letter "Z" for ZEVAC®.

Branded Pocket Folder

UNANIMOUS took a creative approach when designing the pocket folder for ZEVAC. Understanding ZEVAC's commitment to brand consistency and quality, we integrated the brand's new aesthetics into a functional and visually appealing pocket folder. Every element, from the choice of material to the precision of the print, was tailored to ensure brand unity. The outcome was a product that serves its functional purpose of organization and stands as a testament to ZEVAC's dedication to excellence and attention to detail.

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Professional Business Card Design

UNANIMOUS designed the new ZEVAC business cards following the updated ZEVAC brand standards. Each card embodies the company's identity, using a striking blend of design aesthetics. The thick, premium quality paper speaks of durability and professionalism, while the expert finishes exude quality and craftsmanship. The brand-specific Pantone painted sides are a creative touch, ensuring that even the card's edges reflect the elevated ZEVAC brand. They're not just handing out a card at networking events—they are making an impression!

Branded Apparel

UNANIMOUS recognizes the importance of wearable branding, and we are meticulous when it comes to selecting garments to ensure comfort and long-lasting quality. Our designs seamlessly incorporated ZEVAC's brand elements, ensuring that each piece wasn't just clothing but a wearable representation of the brand. Every detail was crafted with intention, from subtle logo placements to brand-specific colors. The result was apparel that radiates the ZEVAC brand spirit, allowing wearers to feel connected and represent the brand with pride. 

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zevac brand guide
zevac brand guide
zevac brand guide
zevac brand guide
zevac brand guide

Brand Standards & Logo Guidelines

In creating the ZEVAC brand standards and guidebook, our mission was to encapsulate the essence of the brand in a comprehensive and tangible guide. We embarked on a thoughtful process, creating and compiling verbal and visual identity elements and design guidelines. Prioritizing clarity and consistency, our team curated each page to detail the brand's visual identity and verbal brand elements, from color palettes to typography, as well as internal communication and external messaging. Through collaborative efforts, we sculpted a brand book that serves as an instructional manual and a testament to ZEVAC's identity. The final product is more than just a book—it's a tangible embodiment of ZEVAC's brand journey and vision.

Custom Web Design & Development

In an effort to deliver a standout website experience for ZEVAC customers and partners, we opted for the robust and flexible Drupal CMS as our foundation. Our design team began by sketching intuitive user interfaces, ensuring each page aligned perfectly with ZEVAC's brand. After the design phase, our development team got to work harnessing Drupal's powerful modules and extensibility to build a site that was not only visually compelling but also feature-rich, user-friendly, and easy for ZEVAC to update. Throughout the process, we ensured seamless website content, design, and functionality integration, resulting in a custom website that stands as a true digital reflection of the ZEVAC brand.

Digital Marketing

As we looked to bolster ZEVAC's digital presence, we thoughtfully crafted digital marketing campaigns, including PPC ads and Meta and LinkedIn ads tailored to the brand's unique objectives. Our design team curated visually compelling ad creative that resonated with the target audience, ensuring that each design element echoed ZEVAC's brand voice. Meanwhile, our web development team delved deep into data analytics, optimizing keywords and audience segmentation to guarantee precision targeting. By merging compelling visuals with data-driven strategies, we launched campaigns that captured attention and drove meaningful engagement, ensuring ZEVAC's message reached its intended audience with impact.

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