Norland International

Manufacturing Branding, Logo Design, & Video Production

Norland International is a global manufacturing company based in Lincoln, Nebraska. They are the parent company of ABE Beverage Equipment, Norland Pure, and Norland Packaging. For 30 years, they’ve been equipment pioneers of beverage production, labeling, and packaging.

Video Production

UNANIMOUS collaborated with Norland International to produce a brand video series highlighting the company’s primary brands and lines of business. The objectives of the videos were to capture the scale and capabilities of the organization while also emphasizing that their products are designed, developed, and assembled in the US.

Producing three brand videos simultaneously required extensive planning, coordination, and collaboration with the Norland International team. A total of seven production sessions were conducted over six weeks to capture the assets needed for each video.

In addition to the three brand videos, the Norland International team received access to all of the footage for internal video marketing uses.

beverage video set

Norland Pure

ABE Beverage Equipment

The team at UNANIMOUS has been very responsive and patient. Their guidance and expertise have been much appreciated.

Amanda Podwinski

ABE Beverage Equipment / Norland International

ISO16 Canning Line

ISO40 Canning Line