Sea-Tac Electric

Established in 1987, Sea-Tac Electric is an electrical company based in Washington with more than 25 years of expertise in electrical design. Sea-Tac Electric specializes in design-build contracts and creating custom electrical systems that meet the highest standards of design, safety, and quality.

UNANIMOUS collaborated with Sea-Tac Electric for a brand enhancement project to align their brand with the quality of services they provide and generate excitement and energy for their customers and employees. They also wanted to ensure there was a clear distinction between Sea-Tac Electric and Seattle’s local airport. UNANIMOUS developed a new logo design and branding elements, as well as new marketing materials to complement the refreshed brand.

Our Process

Through a discovery meeting, UNANIMOUS met with Sea-Tac Electric stakeholders to uncover everything about their organization. From analyzing target audiences and conducting marketing audits to understanding more about the brand’s personality and voice, UNANIMOUS was able to translate Sea-Tac Electric's goals and objectives into a new and transformative logo. Sea-Tac indicated its new brand’s purpose was to inspire company pride and be a brand that could be recognized locally and regionally. Our team of designers created a brand that fits the unique personality of the organization, but also allow them to expand, evolve, and reach new audiences.

Logo Design

The refreshed logo design incorporates the well-known symbol of electricity, a lightning bolt, and transforms it into a modern and individualized logo. The combination of the first two letters of the company’s name, “S” and “T”,  along with the lightning bolt, creates a sleek reinvention that reflects the mission of Sea-Tac Electric and provides a uniqueness to the brand. This new logo also generates a contemporary feel that conveys the expertise and services that Sea-Tac Electric provides.

Branding & Marketing

To complement the refreshed logo design, new marketing materials were developed to create a cohesive and professional brand. The logo was applied to marketing collateral such as business cards, brochures, and letterheads. In addition, the brochures were outfitted with case studies showcasing Sea-Tac Electric clients and projects. The new brand will be carried into additional materials, creating a consistent look and feel across all of Sea-Tac Electric's marketing initiatives.

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