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Sinclair Hille Architects

Architect Branding, Logo Design, & Website

At UNANIMOUS, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to brand strategy, a commitment that was especially significant in our partnership with Sinclair Hille Architects. Recognized for their architectural innovation and a decades-long history of crafting sustainable, visually captivating spaces, Sinclair Hille Architects approached us with the challenge of revitalizing their brand to match the contemporary ethos and technological strides they’ve achieved in recent years. Our project embarked on capturing the essence of their brand while infusing it with elements that stand out in today's digital landscape. The resulting branding campaign has not only redefined Sinclair Hille Architects' visual brand identity but also strategically positioned them for a future as dynamic as the designs they create.

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Verbal Brand Identity

UNANIMOUS developed a distinct and memorable verbal identity for Sinclair Hille Architects that effectively captured their brand promise of "Integrating your vision with our expertise to create impactful places for the future." Their brand voice emphasizes Sinclair Hille's commitment to authenticity, engagement, and creativity. Key messaging highlighted their desire to build impactful relationships and embrace creativity and innovation in all that they do. The verbal identity provides a solid foundation for Sinclair Hille to consistently communicate their unique brand story.

Visual Brand Identity

To complement the verbal brand identity, UNANIMOUS developed a visual brand identity that depicted a rustic deconstruction of connected shapes, representing Sinclair Hille's focus on three key spaces where people live, work, and learn. The mark was paired with a modern, sans serif font to create their logo design lockup. The primary color palette of orange and gray provides a bright, eye-catching contrast and connects with past iterations of the brand. The visual brand identity reinforces the firm's emphasis on creativity and innovation through a sophisticated yet approachable design system. It provides visual cohesion across their website, stationery suite, marketing materials, and more, helping to further distinguish Sinclair Hille Architects in the marketplace.

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Alternate Logo Concepts

Architect Website Design & Development

UNANIMOUS designed and developed the website focusing on projects and people by using a modern and dynamic layout. Detailed brand research by UNANIMOUS laid the groundwork for the overall design, functionality, and content. Since its launch, the website has seen dramatic growth in page duration and increased the number of pages visited—key metrics for measuring effective web engagement. All design and development strategies were made to increase visitor time and interaction. The ultra-clean design puts the firm’s projects front and center. Users can easily learn about the firm through the project explorer and produce printable project pages.