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Willmar Electric

Construction Branding, Logo Design, & Video Production

Willmar Electric is a complete electrical design-build solution provider specializing in industrial, commercial, and institutional electrical work, with offices across the country and a portfolio of work that spans the globe. UNANIMOUS worked with Wilmar Electric to design and develop a new brand for its company.

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Commercial Video Production

The goals for this branding project included updating the company’s brand identity to accurately reflect the history of the company while also signaling its direction for the future. We also needed to develop new and engaging print materials and a brand and apparel guide so Willmar Electric employees could effectively implement the new brand on multiple platforms.

With COVID-19 putting a hold on in-person career and recruiting events, Willmar Electric needed video assets they could use for online events and on their website

UNANIMOUS captured interviews with Willmar Electric leadership and various employees and combined them with a scripted narrative voiceover. Short-form versions of each video were produced for email and social media delivery, while long-form versions were produced for Willmar Electric's website and online recruiting events. 

100 Years of Electrical Service

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Logo Design & Branding

UNANIMOUS met with Willmar Electric during an initial discovery meeting to gain a better understanding of the company and its history. The family-owned company was looking for a way to enhance its current brand identity without completely losing sight of its original brand

Wilmar Electric had several iterations of its logo since the company’s inception in 1920. The first being a script font, and the other two logos serving as an acronym. With the rebrand, the company wanted to get away from being known as WES and instead be recognized as Wilmar Electric moving forward.

old willmar electric logos
branded willmar apparel

Branded Willmar Construction Apparel

After deciding on its new look, we created an apparel guide to show the brand being used in different types of clothing, including t-shirts, long sleeves, polos, hoodies, dress shirts, jackets, hats, and more. The guide shows the brand being used in multiple color options, logo usage, and formats. As a company that has both employees in an office setting and out in the field, all apparel needed to follow a standardized look.   

Printed Brand Materials

With the new brand established, Willmar Electric needed to update its marketing and sales materials. We designed a complete ID kit that included business cards for over 25 employees, two sizes of grid paper, and notecards with corresponding envelopes. Other materials specific to the electric industry included designing branded hard hats and a job box.

willmar printed stationery
willmar 100 year anniversary logo

Anniversary Logo

In 2020, Willmar Electric celebrated its 100th year in business. So along with the new brand, it wanted an equivalent logo specific to its anniversary. After it decided on its new look, we created a matching 100th-year logo following the same theme of the new brand. This was then implemented on several marketing materials, including t-shirts and other items.

"UNANIMOUS’ desire to get to know Willmar Electric at the project start and attending our Lean Tour was appreciated. The designs presented showed us that your team has a good understanding of our company. Working with UNANIMOUS has been a good experience and fit for Willmar Electric."

Misty Lauer, VP of Accounting

Willmar Electric