cwi, computer wholesalers logo on flag
cwi, computer wholesalers logo

CWI - Computer Wholesalers, Inc.

Technology Branding & Logo Design

CWI initially partnered with UNANIMOUS to create a fresh, new brand to accompany a new website with the primary goal to build brand awareness and customer engagement–ultimately selling more products and services. The new site has a modern, responsive design, is easy to navigate, and provides a seamless storefront experience.

Computer Wholesalers Logo

The new CWI logo is a simple design, visually representing the global supply chain, with the square element being moved from the mark to dot the i. This subtle move is relevant to all stages of a product’s journey - from manufacturer to retailer, from CWI to end-user, and every stage in between.

“Between the visual branding, verbal identity, and website development, UNANIMOUS did very nice work. With a consistent message and strong foundation, we are in a better position for expansion and growth.”

Taras Somyk, Director of Sales and Business Development

Computer Wholesalers, Inc.

Verbal Brand Identity

Once the initial projects were completed, brand messaging became a crucial component to help CWI live its brand. Going back to the basics, developing a strong verbal identity emerged as a priority. Building an intentional communication strategy strengthened and established CWI’s verbal identity, creating a consistent, cohesive approach to all marketing and communications efforts.