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Lied Center for Performing Arts

Non-Profit Website & Graphic Design

The Lied Center for Performing Arts is a premier performing arts center in the Midwest and the nation. The Lied Center is dedicated to serving the community and state by bringing national and international artists to their stage while also developing and sustaining programs that reach out to all parts of Nebraska.

For more than six years, the Lied Center has partnered with UNANIMOUS to enhance its web presence and marketing efforts. Most recently, we worked with their team to design and develop a new website. The Lied Center’s website is event-driven and offers detailed information about upcoming shows, educational events, and statewide programs.

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Website Design & Development Objectives

The primary challenge of the Lied Center’s website was developing a website that would meet the needs of a very diverse audience. From ticket holders, sponsors, educators, students, patrons, and more, the Lied Center needed a website that effectively serves each stakeholder group.

  • Create a design that allows for more visual content
  • Improve visibility of Lied Center sponsors
  • Reformat website structure to increase ticket sales and donations
  • Develop event listing landing pages with improved design and more relevant content


Custom Website Research & Discovery

UNANIMOUS conducted extensive research before designing and site planning. We held focus groups with ticket holders, donors, patrons, students, educators, prominent users of the website, and the Lied marketing and development staff to understand what each group wanted in the next Lied Center website. The suggestions from these various audiences drove the design, structure, and organization of the website.

The website caters to a growing mobile market and allows for greater promotion of upcoming shows and events while integrating online ticket sales. The website is event-driven and offers detailed information about every upcoming show, including integrated video promos and ticket prices. Visitors to the website can also explore rental spaces, learn more about the Lied Center, and easily give donations.

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