Lied Center for Performing Arts

The Lied Center for Performing Arts is a performing arts facility located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and is used for events such as orchestra, theater, and speakers. Providing an enhanced online experience was necessary for the Lied Center to successfully carry forth its mission to educate, inspire, and entertain the people of Nebraska through the performing arts. UNANIMOUS designed a comprehensive website for the Lied Center that provided online ticket sales, show information, venue details, and was one of the first local websites to adopt responsive design standards.

The Lied Center’s website caters to a growing mobile market and allows for greater promotion of upcoming shows and events while integrating online ticket sales. The website is event driven and offers detailed information about every upcoming show including integrated video promos and ticket prices. Visitors to the website can also explore rental spaces, learn more about the Lied Center, and easily give donations.

    Website Design Objectives

    • Create a responsive design to meet the growing number of Apple and Android mobile users who desire to purchase tickets through their mobile browsers.
    • Increase online ticket sales
    • Increase overall activity on the website
    • Add performance videos to excite and engage visitors 

    Website Design Results

    • Website was recognized with a Silver Communicator Award from the International Academy of Visual Arts 
    • 12%  increase in online ticket sales
    • 65% of traffic is from new visitors
    • 39% of site traffic generated by mobile or tablet devices

    "The redesigned Lied Center enhanced the online experience for our patrons while showcasing our world-class performances."

    - Matthew Boring, Lied Center Marketing & Sales Manager

    Online Ticket Sales

    UNANIMOUS developed an online ticket sales component for the Lied Center’s website. Visitors can easily purchase tickets to upcoming events and use a visual map to find available seats by section and price. The streamlined ticket sales have been a huge time saver for the Lied Center staff, and its patrons as well.

    360 Virtual Tour

    UNANIMOUS photographed and built a 360º tour for the Lied Center’s Lied Commons rental space. The interactive tour allows online visitors the chance to explore the space from their computer or phone. 360º tours are a great option to give an online sense of the space for those wanting to host events in large venues or rental spaces.

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