Darland Construction

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Darland is a full-service general contractor with both regional and national presence. Darland teamed with UNANIMOUS to better market its construction management and design/build capabilities, while communicating its mission of supporting the owner’s best interests in the process.

With innovative solutions, a dedication to accountability, transparent accounting, and a strong team approach—every aspect of Darland’s process focuses on exceeding client’s expectations.

Branding & Marketing Objectives

  • Establish a consistent messaging platform     
  • Position Darland as an industry leader
  • Establish differentiation from competitors
  • Increase visibility with the target audience
  • Design and develop a user-friendly construction website
  • Create an online construction project portfolio
  • Optimize website management and workflow

Branding & Marketing Results

  • Average open rate of 27% for monthly project broadcast emails
  • More than 7,000 per month on social media
  • Average 30% growth per month on LinkedIn with the opening of the new Kansas City office
  • Desktop and mobile compatibility through responsive design.                     
  • A cutting-edge project explorer that is centrally located and accessibile anywhere.                   
  • Improved search engine optimization & social media integration.

With a 30% open rate on their project broadcast email campaign, Darland's electronic marketing efforts performed well above the construction industry average.

Content Development & Construction Project Broadcasts

UNANIMOUS helps Darland promote their great commercial construction projects with regularly scheduled content development. Project broadcasts are case studies featuring a particular project and outlining Darland’s capabilities to deliver on partner goals. They are produced monthly and sent out to clients via email. Broadcasts demonstrate that Darland is proud of their end product and also promote steady communication with potential partners, allowing Darland to stay top-of-mind with potential clients. Finally, this strategy consistently generates fresh, relevant content for electronic communications, social media, their construction website, and more.

General Contractor Marketing Collateral & Sales Materials

In the world of competitive construction bids, distinguishing your company can make all the difference in securing projects. UNANIMOUS developed a professionally branded pocket folder to help give Darland that competitive edge. The high-end marketing collateral piece echoes their tagline "Building to a Higher Standard" by utilizing a variety of print techniques to complement Darland's high quality work. The marketing collateral piece highlights the organization's capabilities and strengths as a full-service general contractor. This approach allows for a wide variety of personalization and provides ultimate flexibility with sales and development materials. Brochures, inserts, business cards, fliers, personalized letters, booklets and more are all interchangeable and may be included depending on their business development needs. The folder allows for a professionally bundled, custom-tailored presentation that is considerate of potential clients’ time and desire for specific information.

Dynamic Website Design & Construction Project Explorer

UNANIMOUS designed a custom website for Darland Construction incorporating the elements and theme that was established for the Darland brand. The user experience and design focus on a streamlined website structure, utilizing dynamic content making it easy to update while keeping the website fresh and relevant.

One of the key areas of the Darland website is the project explorer. Built with a responsive template and mobile devices in mind, it's easy for visitors to browse Darland’s construction portfolio on any type of device. The construction project explorer allows visitors to filter projects by category to save time and find projects similar to their needs. Once a visitor selects a project they will also be presented with similarly tagged projects. Each displays details and imagery about construction projects Darland has completed or currently have in progress.

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