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Amigos/Kings Classic

Restaurant Web Design & Website Development

Since 1980, Amigos/Kings Classic has been serving great-tasting, quality food all across Nebraska. UNANIMOUS has worked closely with the restaurant for over 10 years on its website presence, keeping it at the forefront of best website design and development practices. Amigos/Kings Classic’s website is an extension of the customer-focused experience they’ve been known for the last four decades.

Amigos/Kings Classic new website was designed to better connect with an audience that’s become increasingly mobile-centric. The website uses a responsive design and focuses on food, locations, and social media connectedness. A key feature, location detection, allows visitors to quickly find the closest Amigos/Kings Classic restaurant with information based on the visitor’s whereabouts. Additional highlights include automated Daily Specials, easy-to-access coupons, and a social media feed.

Website Project Details

Website Objectives

  • Reduce the bounce rate through design, function, and content
  • Ensure a solid foundation for search engine friendliness
  • Create a design aligned with the organization’s branding standards
  • Increase website traffic to key landing pages as well as mobile traffic

Website Results

  • Bounce rate was reduced by 40%
  • The average time spent on the website has doubled to just over 2 minutes per session.
  • 70% of traffic is from a mobile device.
  • The menu area has been accessed more times than the homepage.
  • Locations, Coupons, and Daily specials are continually in the top 5 of most visited pages.
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Recruitment Website

Amigos/Kings Classic also prioritized the development of an employee recruitment website. Located at, the mobile-friendly website showcases a career path, growth opportunities, and the diversity of roles available. Video profiles and photographs of current and previous employees demonstrate what it’s like to work for Amigos/Kings Classic and the restaurant’s culture.

The microsite is integrated with Amigos/Kings Classic's main website and is designed to match the organization's brand in order to provide interested job candidates with a seamless user experience.

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