Cornhusker Bank

Cornhusker Bank is a local institution with more than 100 years of history in the Lincoln community. Cornhusker Bank offers various personal and business banking services from checking and savings accounts, to loans, insurance, and more.

Project Objectives

Cornhusker Bank partnered with the UNANIMOUS team to create a video series to showcase business banking opportunities. UNANIMOUS utilized testimonial interviews with selected business owners to highlight the stories and reasons why they chose Cornhusker Bank to meet their business banking needs.  

Video Production

UNANIMOUS conducted in-person video interviews with each of the business owners. This allowed for honest and candid responses, explaining the story behind the business and the positive experiences working with Cornhusker Bank.

A short-form and long-form version of each video was produced. The long-form versions were intended for Cornhusker Bank’s website and organic social media accounts. The short-form versions were used in paid social media campaigns, where shorter content performs better.

Additional Videos
Man smiling at the camera
Momo’s Pizzeria & Ristorante
Woman smiling at the camera
Custom Blinds and Design
Employee Recruitment Videos

UNANIMOUS partnered with Cornhusker Bank in 2020 to create a video series that appealed to and attracted high-quality employees. This video series was employee-focused and highlighted Cornhusker Bank’s unique culture and current team members.


Matt Brase
Grant McGill
Woman smiling at the camera
Lacey Vanek

“Your video team is outstanding and extremely talented! They are wonderful to work with and made the businesses featured in our videos very comfortable during the shoot. Great job team!”

-Carissa Bullock, Vice President of Marketing at Cornhusker Bank

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